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By Moose

Author's Notes: This fic takes place post S6. This is a dark fic, and contains non-consensual f/f sex. Be warned. This story was the result of my residual anger at the implications of ME (Mutant Enemy) giving Spike a soul at the end of S6.
Betas: Perletwo and Mezzibelle. Two damn good writers and damn good betas.
Disclaimer: Joss is God. The characters are his. I'm merely having fun with them.

A flip of blonde hair and a coy, half hidden smile, combined with a gesture purely feminine--edging toward feline--a 'come hither now' motion of beckoning arms and swaying hips, and the throng of young frat boys surged forward almost at once, surrounding Harmony on the Bronze's brightly lit and busy dance floor. The music blared deep and fast, pushing base beats which she moved sinuously to, feeling the reverberations pound in her dead heart.

It's almost like having a pulse, she thought, laughing slightly as a cute fratty shoved a smaller one out of the way to dance with her. His hands roamed aggressively on her hips as he twisted along the front of her.

What a cutie! Almost a shame to eat him, Harmony thought, smiling and batting her long eyelashes at her next meal. Heck, a vampire's got to eat...

Harmony leaned forward and whispered into the cutie's ear, something appropriately tempting, then gestured toward the back of the room under the stairs. She slipped under his arm and snuggled close as they headed to the darker side of the Bronze. She sniffed his neck and was happy to note the lack of strong cologne, which she hated. She found it hard to eat with a thick musk filling her nostrils.

Luckily, her favorite spot under the stairs was vacant, and she immediately set about kissing her brand spanking new frat boy, intent on getting him aroused enough that her bite wouldn't register. Well, at least until it was too late.

However, there was another patron at the Bronze. One feeling much less stylish in her green suede jacket and red shirt--almost the color of her hair-- which sported a curling Chinese dragon on the front.

Willow's friends would have been shocked to find her here, but the spell to travel transatlantic really wasn't a problem for her anymore. Most any spell wasn't. Though the darker magicks had finally been purged by the Council of Watchers, in England no less, still the knowledge remained. The power once called could be summoned again.

Right now, she was supposed to be meditating on a crystal upstairs in Giles' flat in Bath, learning control and patience and being at harmony with oneself. Instead, Willow had magicked to the Bronze and sought to obliterate the four-hundred pound gorilla that sat in the corner of her thoughts--Tara. Practicing inner contentment and achieving enlightenment, or whatever the hell she was supposed to be doing, never made a dent in her grief. The tears had long since dried, and that brought guilt. She thought she would have wept for an eternity at the loss of her beloved, but maybe she didn't love her as much as she thought she did.

And that thought drove her here, ordering fruity, festive umbrella drinks that Tara loved, hoping for a connection, a memory that could trigger the tears again. But it wasn't working. In fact, she felt the opposite. A deep, horrible despair was climbing rung by rung up her ribs and threatening to burst out of her with blackness, rage and vengeance once more.

She wasn't Willow--she knew that now. It wasn't just Tara. She thought coming back to someplace familiar would jar her into feeling Willow--being Willow again. The Willow that loved her dazzling, magical lover with all her heart.

Instead, there was only emptiness. And the bright lights and fast music of the Bronze did nothing but make her ache at the memory of happier times. She remembered floating in the arms of her lover. Here. It had been divine. A moment carved out of heaven and gifted to her right on that very dance floor...

The same dance floor Harmony Kendall was writhing on now.

Willow's eyes narrowed when she spotted the vampire and the silly boy trying to impress her with obvious sexual gyrations.

'She doesn't want your dick, pal,' the cold voice said in her head--the voice Willow had finally come to recognize as her own. The new version of her: Willow 2.0. The one with blood on her hands and too much knowledge packed into her skull.

Willow got up, surrendering her table, which was immediately taken, and followed Harmony to the back of the Bronze.


Harmony didn't know where she was. One moment, she was in her best short leather skirt, flirting with her next meal under the stairs, letting him grab her ass, getting him worked up for the bite, then she was here--in darksville. Even vamped out, her yellowed eyes couldn't see past her crinkled nose. She stumbled forward, arms outstretched, trying to feel for a wall, but found none.

"Well, this is just great!" Harmony said exasperated, hands on her hips.

"Yes, it is, isn't it?" A voice from behind her hissed, causing Harmony to jump. Suddenly, a light flared, blinding her. She winced, shielding her hand in front of her face, trying to see who it was.

"Willow?" Harmony said, surprised. The red-head stood before her, a glowing sphere of light hovering near her shoulder. Harmony shivered slightly at the cold smile that greeted her.

"Wow. Got it right on the first try, Harm. Maybe you're not the vacuous tramp, excuse me, *vamp* that I thought you were," Willow said dryly.

"What? Where are we?" Harmony looking around, finally seeing the walls, a good thirty feet away, which extended upward only twenty feet or so. Past that, she could see only blackness.

"It's the Pit, Harm. Surely Spike told you. Doesn't every tramp know about it?" Willow said mockingly.

"The Initiative," Harmony gasped, afraid. "You work for them! You're gonna give me a chip like Spike, aren't you?"

Willow's smile broadened.

"Why?" Harmony asked. "So I can be a good little vampire and join your band of losers?" She added that last part with a flick of her long blonde hair, finally remembering which of the two of them had had the most dates in high school.

Willow suppressed a laugh. "Goddess, Harm. You really are dense," Willow sneered. She flicked her wrist and a few feet away, an overturned gurney righted itself and flew toward Harmony, slamming into her and knocking her to the floor.

"Okay, like ow! What's your damage? Besides the obvious, I mean," Harmony said with more confidence than she felt. She stumbled to her feet, muttering under her breath, "I can't believe I signed your yearbook."

Willow laughed, catching what she said. "Look around, Harm. This isn't high school. And you don't have your little gang of wannabe Cordelias lapping at your heels. But then, you never really did, did you? Every vacuum needs an airhead to fill it. Cordelia outgrew the vapid pettiness. And even your gaggle of wannabe's knew you weren't half the bitch she was."

"Oh yeah?" Harmony said, miffed. "Well, at least I'm not continuing some fashion disaster like some people--what is that, a snake?" Harmony said, snorting with contempt at Willow's shirt.

"Same old, Harmony," Willow smiled, coldly. But Harmony ignored her, just getting warmed up.

"Besides, how would you know anything, Miss I-couldn't-get-a-boyfriend-so-I turned-gay?" Harmony said with her practiced 'phfft whatever' eye roll.

A devilish smile skated across Willow's face as she approached Harmony, who edged back worriedly, bumping into the gurney behind her.

"So, hey. Tell me, Harm. What's new?" Willow said with a grin, as her hand shot around Harmony's throat, lifting her off the ground.

Geez, when did she get so strong? Harmony thought, trying to pry her fingers away. A moment later she was slammed on top of the gurney, and lay there stunned.

"Bind," Willow said, and thick leather straps snaked up around Harmony's wrists and ankles, lashing her to the gurney.

"What are you doing, you freak!" Harmony said, struggling against the straps. "I'll tell!"

Willow chuckled. "Who are you going to tell?"

"I..I'll tell Spike! He's my boyfriend. He'll kill you when he finds out!" Harmony said, desperately hoping the reputation of her former lover was enough to scare the witch off.

Willow just sighed, muttering "reveal" under her breath.

"I don't give a fuck about her," Spike said, walking up to stand next to Willow. Willow grinned. He was shirtless and shoeless, and his hair was definitely of the bed variety. Poor, poor, stupid Harmony...

Harmony focused on the sight of her former lover with a squeal of delight. "Spikey! Hurry, untie me!"

Spike laughed and casually draped an arm around Willow's shoulders. Willow's wicked smile was back with a vengeance. Harmony was proving to be quite entertaining.

"Don't think so, Harm. Or don't you remember putting a crossbow bolt in my back?" Spike said.

"Only one!" Harmony protested pitifully.

"So, what's the plan, Red? Torture? Sex? Torturous sex?" Spike asked.

"So eager, Harmony?" Willow murmured.

"Ewww! NO. I..I don't want either. And please! As if lesbian chic is in anymore. I think *someone* is stuck in the 90's," Harmony said. The presence of Spike was beginning to make her feel bolder. He wouldn't really let anything happen to her, would he? she wondered.

Willow's eyes sparkled, mischievously. "Melt," she said. And suddenly Harmony's clothes slipped off her in cool pools, sliding down her arms and legs and over the edge of the gurney, slopping onto the Pit's floor with a loud, moist slap.

"Wha..." Harmony stared down at her own, nude body.

"Let's have some fun before I kill you," Willow said mirthlessly.

"Hey! killing. Spike! Help me!" Harmony pleaded.

"She likes it up the ass," Spike said to Willow, conversationally.

"I do not!" Harmony said, aghast.

"Never screamed louder, babe," Spike replied with a wink and grin.

"You bastard! I hate you!" Harmony screamed at him.

Willow sighed and made a slight gesture with her wrist. "Harmony, he's not really here," she said, as if explaining to a child.

Harmony's eyes widened as Spike vanished. "But..."

"Yes, we'll get to that," Willow murmured, as she ran her fingernails up Harmony's thigh.

"H..he made it up," Harmony protested lamely, trying not to notice what Willow's warm, exploring hand was doing to her.

"He was from your mind, Harm. Not mine." Willow's hand snaked up to Harmony's breasts, finding her nipples hardening. She played and tugged on them briefly, remembering how Tara liked it when she...

Suddenly Willow's eyes went hard. Harmony noticed and began to shiver in fear.

"Penetrate," Willow hissed, her eyes going black. And abruptly Harmony felt her anus being stretched wide by something large and pulsing. She screamed in pain at the sudden, intimate invasion, trying to twist away, but the straps held her tight.

"What's the matter, Harm? Thought you liked it up the ass?" Willow said coldly.

"Bitch!" Harmony gasped, as the undulating whatever worked itself deep inside her.

Willow watched for a few minutes as Harmony's moans of pain transformed into whimpers of pleasure. No wonder Buffy had gone to a vampire, Willow thought. They're always ready for a good, hard fuck.

Willow's hand began its exploration once more, this time between Harmony's thighs, lightly teasing her clit. Harmony bucked upwards toward the touch, her hips begging for more contact.

Harmony wanted to be mortified by Willow's touch. That it had any effect on her at all was hideously wrong (at least she remembered that it should be wrong), but it didn't feel that way. And Harmony had grown used to capitulating whenever her vampire instincts confronted her past sensibilities. Her demon, predicated as it was on pleasure first, was stronger than any residual "eww" from Ms. Kendall. And once her tight, rear passage had accommodated the throbbing whatever-the-hell-it-was, a delicious and quite otherworldly friction began sending tingles of pleasure up her spine, which further dulled any thought of protest.

Willow removed her hand, and Harmony groaned at the loss. A smirk crossed Willow's face before she snapped her fingers and her own clothing vanished.

Harmony stared at Willow's pale, naked flesh, almost as pale as her own, her eyes drawn to Willow's clean shaven and glistening quim.

"Tara liked it that way," Willow said sadly, noticing Harmony's stare.

Harmony averted her eyes, wondering if she was blushing. Willow laughed.

"Don't get timid on me now, Harm. You've still got work to do." Without preamble, Willow climbed on top of the gurney, positioning her moist quim above Harmony's mouth, facing in the opposite direction.

At her first, tentative lick, Willow slapped Harmony's thigh, eliciting a yelp from her. "Suck harder," Willow commanded, then relaxed as Harmony put her tongue and lips to work in earnest.

The icy feel of Harmony's tongue was a bit hard to acclimate to, and Willow wondered how long it took for Buffy to get used to it with Spike. Knowing that something dead was on the outside of you, cold, then on the inside, stealing your warmth. Maybe it felt better that way, having the dead thing on the outside first, where you could see it, and feel it. And hurt it. Maybe that made it easier when you were carrying the dead thing around inside, pretending it wasn't really there.

Willow slapped her hand against Harmony's inner thigh, causing a barking yelp to escape her occupied lips. Willow grinned. At least she didn't have to worry about suffocating the stupid bitch...

Leaning forward on her elbows, Willow ran her tongue along Harmony's wet slit. Moaning at the warm, slick sensation, Harmony tried her best to arch into Willow's mouth.

Willow smiled at her response. "You taste cold. Like leftovers," Willow murmured, then gasped as Harmony nipped at her clit.

"Fuck, you're good at that," Willow said breathlessly, before spreading Harmony's folds and plunging her tongue deep inside, wriggling.

Harmony squirmed, her building orgasm beginning to overtake her. She tried as hard as she could to get Willow up to speed, almost violently sucking and biting in the process, which, judging from Willow's cries of pleasure, was succeeding.

It didn't take long before they both came--Willow, throwing her head back and keening loudly, while Harmony's muffled screams and moans came from beneath her.

After several moments of ragged, tense breaths, her body dripping with perspiration, Willow climbed off of the gurney.

The writhing thing disappeared from within Harmony, and she breathed a sigh of relief as her muscles relaxed once more. She watched as Willow stood and uttered the word "clean." The sheen of perspiration was suddenly gone, and her red hair was buoyant once more, looking freshly washed and blow-dried. Another snap of her fingers and her clothes reappeared in perfect order.

"Neat spell," Harmony said, acutely aware of her own naked, disheveled, and still bound condition.

Willow looked at her as if startled by her presence. "It comes in handy," she replied, almost automatically. She waved her hand and the leather straps binding Harmony to the gurney fell away.

"Thank you," Harmony said, sitting up and rubbing her wrists. She didn't see Willow's fist until it smashed into her jaw, sending her flying across the room and into the far wall.

Dazed, Harmony came to a moment later finding Willow standing over her.

"W..why did you do that?" Harmony cried, tears running down her face as she cupped her aching jaw.

Willow stood staring down at her, her face devoid of emotion. "Maybe this place can give you something after all."

Harmony's eyes widened, the implications beginning to sink in. "Wait! You can't leave me here!"

Willow turned and began walking away, the floating sphere of light following her.

"Willow! Don't leave me down here! I'll do whatever you want," Harmony said, panic creeping into her voice.

Willow paused a moment. "You'll do that anyway. When I come back. As often as I want," she said quietly.

"You can't leave me..." Harmony cried, tears blurring her vision.

Willow stood, her back still turned, not looking at her. "You still don't get it, do you?"

"What! What, dammit!" Harmony said, angrily clawing at her tears in frustration.

"You're not people," Willow said softly. With that, she faded from view.

Harmony watched in horror as the sphere of light dimmed, getting smaller and smaller until nothing but a pinprick of illumination was left. Then nothing. She whimpered as the last bit of light failed, leaving her in impenetrable darkness, her small cries echoing weakly along the Pit's walls.

"I am too people."

~The end~

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