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By Kimi

Sequel to Voices in the Dark; part of The Voicesverse

Rating: PG-13
Summary: Loneliness...
Spoilers: Season 7-ish, takes place after the fic, Voices in the Dark
Distribution: Just talk to me, I'm easy. (if it ever comes up and stays up again) and, thankfully, at Chris' site "Amare, Dare, Pardonare"
Disclaimers: All Joss, all ME, all the time...
Feedback: You betta, you betta, you bet!

Part 10

They had finally learned to bring her only the pretty ones.

Oh, not very pretty when they brought them, of course. Oh, no. They were sick and already had the smell of death about them. She would pick and choose, crooning, leaving the unacceptable ones drained and broken on the shiny white floor. Like jointed dolls.

But pretty or not, acceptable or not, they all died with shining eyes. She made sure of that. She saw into their hearts and minds and gave them what they wanted most of all. The twinkling stars smiled down upon her as she fed on their shivering bodies.

Sometimes when she let one die, they'd bring another toy soldier for their cause. Sometimes she changed him, sometimes she simply sang until he was taken away. It was all one to her.

They'd stopped bringing girls - nasty, soft, boneless snakes.

When she finally found the right one, a prince for the princess, she would fold him away and hide him from pale amber tresses, pink lips and deceptively powerful arms that could keep him from her. She would conceal him in the dark and cloak him from the golden light that would flame him to ashes.

Ashes. He had tasted of ashes.

She would find another to replace the one who had held her heart so long. The one who was now so lost to her. He would be beautifully bitter inside and out. Wicked and sweet. Strong and weak. Cruel and soft.

The dark princess smiled at the heap of ragged flesh littering the floor. He'd been pretty, but she'd seen - known him for what he really was. She pouted prettily and spun around, skirt whirling around her ankles enticingly.

Perhaps tomorrow they would bring her knight - one brave enough to breach the walls and free her. Until then, she would dance, brush her long, dark hair, and wait.

Continued in Part 11

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