Fanfiction by Moose

Road Tripp'n
Spike takes off for places unknown only to find an unwelcome passenger along for the ride.
Sequel to Easier Said, Post-Wrecked, Rated NC-17, S/B, WIP. Read Reviews.

Poem: Coming Like Dying
Post-Grave, Rated NC-17, S/B, 211 words. Read Reviews.

Poem: Watching TV
Post-Grave, Rated PG-13, S/B, 358 words. Read Reviews.

Poem: Back Again
Post-Grave, Rated PG-13, S/B, 317 words. Read Reviews.

Willow meets up with an "old friend" at the Bronze. This is a dark fic. Be warned.
Post-Grave, Rated NC-17, 2810 words. Read Reviews.

Never Tease A Vampire
Set in S4 during "Something Blue." Why Buffy's taunting of Spike may not have been such a good idea...
During-Something Blue, Rated PG-13, S/B, 1270 words. Read Reviews.

Bondage Fun
What went on during the "missing" handcuff scene in "Dead Things"? (This is *not* PWP, but also not for minors.)
During Dead Things, Rated NC-17, S/B, 5904 words. Read Reviews.

Post Apocalyptic Bell Blues
Xander talks with Spike, post wedding disaster.
Post-Hell's Bells, Rated PG-13, S/X friendship, S/B, 981 words. Read Reviews.

Spike and Halfrek
Short ficlet exploring Spike/Halfrek. Takes place after "Older and Far Away."
Post-Older and Far Away, Rated PG-13, S/B, 864 words. Read Reviews.

The Doublemeat Experience
Spike's POV during DMP.
During Doublemeat Palace, Rated NC-17, S/B, 1918 words. Read Reviews.

Tara Series
Tara's influence on the gang and on S/B. It's a little fluff, a little angst, but mostly just fun.
Post-Gone, Rated PG-13, S/B, S/T friendship, 4844 words. Read Reviews.

Easier Said
Faith's back in Sunnydale just as Spike considers leaving once and for all!
Post-Wrecked, Rated PG-13, S/B, S/D friendship, S/Faith friendship, 7837 words. Read Reviews.

Covered In Her
Buffy's worst fears are realized as the trio of nerds aims their new device at the Slayer!
Post-Wrecked, Rated PG-13, S/B, 3215 words. Read Reviews.

Fear of Blood
Dreams don't mean anything, right? They do to Spike…
Post-Wrecked, Rated PG-13, S/B, 1281 words. Read Reviews.

Morning After
Short ficlet in which Buffy wakes up in Spike's bed.
Post-Smashed, Rated PG-13, S/B, 841 words. Read Reviews.

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