All About Spike

By Mint Witch

Disclaimer, et al: Screw it. My 2nd fic. Thank you, Canada, for being a beta goddess. Bonus points for identifying the quotes.

ďAnd itís killing me.Ē

Thought shatters. 'It is colossal in its pretentiousness.' There should be an organ, iconic instrument of destruction. Melancholy German music, decomposing composers.

Everything is burning, my bed is burning, par ici, Mademoiselle, Iím burning, the sky is on fire, the sky is surrounding me with fire. Canon on the right, on the left, echoes booming, hollow, there is a dragon burning my bed, come to burn burn burn my house down. Flame and smoke shoot from the dragonís mouth, golden flame, lavender smoke, the smoke billows between our legs, it blinds me, and still the dragon roars, burning me, burning me, burning the world. She burns, and Iím on fire, she speaks in riddles, my lavender gold dragon, youíre an animal, I canít move, I canít escape the burn.

Angry Prague, my priestess has broken her vows, you always hurt the ones you love. It burns, it burns, I am ashes, dust and ashes, my dragon flies into the night whispering naked flame, dark and bright, golden flesh of a wicked plum, time baby, time is up, leave a candle in the window to burn, burn, burn.

Smell of smoke in my brain, how many days does a candle burn? Was it nine, or is that a tiger? Killing the dragon, Iím killing the dragon, kiss him squeeze him call him George, the dragonís riddle is killing the dragon. I once kept a princess in a tower, but the dragon came for us, the dragon took her away, took me away, solve the riddle or burn, my tower is made of straw.

Always fire, smoke and flame, the dragon steals everything, she steals the fire, I am wrapped in cold smoke, I want the fire back. I burn, I burn, come back, my tower is my castle is my home is me, come back dragon, burn me but good.

I know the answer, Iíve heard this one before, man man man, happy meals on legs, crawling, walking, fire-in-the-hole man, call him George, the dragon can never love the George. Dragons love smoke and fire and gold, the dragon loves the burn, I burn. I know this one.

Nine days, nine days left to burn, nine times nine is forty-nine. 'She resents my being filled with anything but herself.' Nine days to ride the dragon, to rise, to burn, to become the fire.

Watch me burn, baby.

ďIím sorry, William.Ē

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