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Say Anything
By Mint Witch

RATING: PG (OMG! What is the world coming to?)
SPOILERS: Through S7/Him
DISCLAIMER: I am the Empress of the Entire Universe, and ooooh! Time for the blue pills! Whee!
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a tiny little ficlet that grew out of what I consider to be X/S. Something rather quiet, a little real, a moment if you will.
DISTRIBUTION: Please do ask. Thank you. Cuz I'm a nervy one.
FEEDBACK: Yes, please. This is outside of my usual voice and POV and I'm quite twitchy with worry.

The worst part of living with a vampire is the soundtrack. That, at least, hasn't changed. Well, it has changed a little: less Sid Vicious, more Depeche Mode. Other than that, not much about Spike is all that different.

He still leaves his crap all over, hogs the stereo, and eats all my food. But he doesn't say much. I couldn't shut him up for blood or money a few years ago. Is that what a soul is for, quieting talkative demons? Because, Deadboy was pretty much the silent type, too.

I kinda miss all the comments. Well, not all the comments, but the general idea of commentary? I'm thinking that was a lot better than whatever the fuck this is. This is just spooky.

Except, it's not. In less than 24 hours, the vamp has wormed his demony way back into our lives, like he never left, never hurt anyone. And I hate myself for going along with it. Being on the defensive all the time, though, that's tiring. It wears a guy down, you know. Takes a lot out of you.

Gotta admit, he's still Action Vamp. Makes me think things like "good old days" and "when I was your age." Makes me remember when I was pretty happy, and not trying so hard, except I've always tried too hard. I think that's the definition of a geek, action figure sold separately.

And this, this is familiar. I could kick him out, easy, but I'm no longer used to sleeping alone. Just do what I always did before and pretend like I didn't wake up when the bloodsucker crawled into my bed. He just wants the heat, anyway.

Me? I just want the company. It's a pretty big bed. Not gay or anything, it's not like that, but sometimes it's nice to hold somebody, you know? A little solace, that's all.

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