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2/20/04 -
Fans united to save Angel.

1/15/04 - WriterCon
WriterCon, the first convention by and for Whedonverse fanfic writers, is accepting registrations! You'll find info at the WriterCon website, or go straight to registration.

12/9/03 - Just Stake Me!
Very insightful reviews of the final few BtVS episodes. Also includes art, wallpapers, and some interesting "ramblings."

10/31/03 - More Than Spike
Provides information on James Marsters and his projects, including news, articles, and photos. Also has a great forum.

9/29/03 - Peasant’s Plot
Home of all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fan fiction by Peasant. It all revolves around the fanged four, and concentrates mainly on Spike and his relationship with Angelus, Darla, and Dru, and it is mostly set in the nineteenth century.

7/30/03 - Spike on Angel
James Marsters has been signed to play Spike on Angel: the Series as a regular character. He'll be appearing in all 22 episodes. Visit for all the details.

6/16/03 - Blood and Weetabix
Indri's BtVS fanfiction archive. Indri is one of the most talented, interesting, and unique writers of Buffyverse fanfic.

5/4/03 - Contes
Coquette's trilogy-in-progress concerning the Fanged Four, aka the Original Bad Family, aka Angelus, Darla, Drusilla, and William.

3/30/03 - Sanguine's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Page
Sanguine's site, featuring her wonderfully insightful episode reviews and her fanfiction.

3/3/03 - Buffy Fiction Archive
An automated archive with a wide variety of fic and a great search engine.

2/6/03 - Chez Gwyn
Fanfiction and essays by Gwyneth Rhys.

1/15/03 - Various LiveJournals
Very entertaining and well-written LiveJournals for many Buffy characters.

1/5/03 - The Bloody Awful Sandlot
The comprehensive archive of fic lists Spike's Salvation and the Bloody Awful Gutter. 2,300+ chapters of Spike-centric fiction!

12/15/02 - Dancing Lessons
A S/B redemptionist epic branching off from mid-season five. The site also features great fic extras.

12/8/02 - Devil Piglet's Domain
A collection of Spike-centric fanfiction by Devil Piglet/Serpentine and other authors.

12/1/02 - Vampire's Kiss
Spike and Buffy shipper site with fan fiction, images, personalized adoptions, site awards, and more.

11/25/02 - Spiked and Skewered
Vast amounts of Spike-y content, including comprehensive bios of Spike, William, and James Marsters, Spike's Bodycount, a Brit-slang guide, Spike Fanfiction, Vampires and Villains, Feed Spike a Scooby, Quizzes, Downloads, and much more.

11/17/02 - Willing Slave
Fanfiction by jodyorjen. Mostly NC-17, Spike-centric.

11/5/02 - Naughty Bits
Fanfiction by NautiBitz. Mostly Spike/Buffy, NC-17.

10/29/02 - Missives from the Hellmouth
Archive of Caro's Spike-centric fanfiction. Features both short and long fiction.

10/22/02 - We Band of Buggered
A collection of Spike-centered fanfics and videos by Valerie. Also archives fic by other authors.

10/15/02 - Bugger This
Excellent fanfiction archive featuring the work of Chase, FayJay, Herself, Kalima, and Lovesbitca.

10/8/02 - Head Tilt Headquarters
A site that hosts Buffy videos and analyzes the head tilts of Spike.

10/1/02 - London Calling
Fanfic that focuses on the Englishmen of the Buffyverse: Spike, Giles, and Wesley. Features individual and collaborative works by Magpie, Lesley, and Lori.

9/24/02 - Their Midnight Dance
A collection of Spike/Buffy fanfiction by Lara Dean-Brierley. Also includes excellent fic recs.

9/17/02 - Nothing Like the Sun
A Spike/Buffy site full of interesting goodies. Check out the essays and the excellent fanfic archive.

9/9/02 - My Spike
A site dedicated to Spike. Features fanfiction, fanart, info on both Spike and James Marsters, a quiz, & more.

9/3/02 -
Features Buffy and X-Files fanfic by wisteria and an excellent screen cap archive (with lovely widescreen caps of season five).

8/27/02 - Needful Things
ptp's site of gorgeous Buffy and Spike designs

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