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19  cherylynn posted on Sep 25, 2005
Straight to the heart of it all,this is exacly the true state of his heart/soul. More Spike and Lorne stories, c'mon you writers !!!!!
18  Andrea posted on May 27, 2004
Ditto to the rest.

And, I agree, tears are spot on for Spike's character. Aside from the time he cried in "Fool's Love," he also cried pretty much continuously in "Lover's Walk" in the 3rd season. He also clearly cried easily when he was still William (pre-vampire days) and he cried in "Sleeper" in the 7th season of BTVS, and probably in some other 7th season episodes as well that I don't remember off hand.

This story makes me wish I could read more Spike/Lorne (non-slashy variety) fiction. I think this is the first time that I really realized what nice chemistry Spike and Lorne *could* have had on the screen if only the AtS writers had thought of it.
17  sister cuervo posted on Jan 24, 2004 |
Most excellent. Now that's exactly what should have happened. Spilling it out to Harmony, for creeps sake, never made a bit of sense. Love the Lorne. Dialogue pitch perfect.
16  jayneanne posted on Jan 23, 2004
Brilliant fic. Can really imagine Lorne speaking those exact words.
15  Kristina posted on Jan 22, 2004
Brilliant! You definitely got it in one. ME should hire you.

I support Spike's tears at the end. He teared up in "Fool For Love" when Buffy echoed Cecily's words about him being beneath her. And that was pre-soul...
14  MikkTorrent posted on Jan 21, 2004
:) it was so nice, and full of lorne. lornefic is good, spike AND lorne fic is better!
13  Glamac posted on Jan 21, 2004
That's it. First (before I saw the last scene with Spike and Buffy on BtVS) I thought, it would be hard for the writers to sell me, Spike, not going after Buffy. Then, I thought, ok, he made peace with himself and said his farwells and thats it. He said to her, when she said she loved him: No your not, but thank you for saying it. That was a reason, not to go after her. She had her live now. That was ok for me. But then, they went and send him to search for Buffy. And I thought: ???? WHY ????? And they went on and gave us the lamest explanation I could imagine (or better, no fan would ever imagine crap like that). But you, you helped. You explained it. Thats it. Thank you.
12  Demeter posted on Jan 20, 2004
Neat. :)
11  Kathleen Pfeifer posted on Jan 19, 2004
Bingo! My thoughts about the end of Harms Way exactly! Is there any reason poor Spike SHOULD trust Miss Pilsbury ready bake cookies? SHe of the perpetual mixed signals and no commitment? After the last 3years, I'm sure he has enough post traumatic stress to deal with without putting her avowls to the test. Well written.....wish the AI team would begin to care about SPike BTW.
10  Kimberly posted on Jan 19, 2004
Thanks a bunch for writing this. I wish we saw more of Spike/Lorne interaction on the show. Then again, Spike would probably go out of his way to avoid an empath demon in order to protect his "image" in front of Team Angel.
9  petzipellepingo posted on Jan 19, 2004
Yes, yes, yes. This is EXACTLY what should have been shown at the end of "Harm's Way". Brilliant job.
8  jayneanne posted on Jan 19, 2004
Very touching & poignant - bittersweet.
7  Mona posted on Jan 19, 2004 | lj
Stunning-- because after reading this, it seems like the *only* explanation that makes sense.

Outstanding. To me, the greatest skill is to give canon a deeper meaning, more layers, and this what you succeeded with here.

Plus, your Lorne and Spike voices? Fab, although I'm not really sure Spike would cry. He's emotional, sure, but tears don't necessarily seem to be his style...
6  Ria Spark posted on Jan 19, 2004
I would so love to see a scene exactly like this played out on the show.
5  Jess H. posted on Jan 18, 2004
Exactly my thoughts after I saw the episode, but had no idea how I would've put it into words. This succeeded. And using Lorne as the one to discover the situation was unexpected, but worked surprisingly well. You covered mountains in a molehill's space.
4  Michelle posted on Jan 18, 2004
Perfect. Perfect. You've explained it much better than the show did, and probably ever will.

The reason why your explanation works is because it explains canon, too. It gives us a reason why Spike's reason for not going to Buffy was so feeble. In your world, he's covering for his real emotions.

Love it.
3  spikeNdru posted on Jan 18, 2004
Loved it! It's rather interesting that fanfic writers seem to have a better handle on my favorite characters than *official* writers. Spike's *official* dialogue has seemed off to me for the past nine eps---thank goodness for writers like you that dig deeper to "explain" the S4 Spike that appears on my TV.
2  gazebo posted on Jan 18, 2004
Wow! This is really, really good! Exactly what I think too! I didn't buy his line with Harmony either! Joss couldn't have written it any better than this!
1  hesadevil posted on Jan 18, 2004
This is excellent and makes a lot more sense than his little tete a tete with Harmony. This is more like the Spike I know.

Now if only ME could be persuaded to give Lorne something like this to do more often. . .

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