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10  Laranida posted on Oct 31, 2013
A touching little one-shot. Thank you for sharing it.
9  tina treason posted on Jan 21, 2006
this is quite well done. i think the notes at the beginning are my favorite part--terribly smart and insightful, and played out perfectly in this short little fic.
8  cherylynn posted on Jan 13, 2006
A very fine story, very real dialogue.
Thank you
7  MikkTorrent posted on Aug 4, 2005
[watery eyes] i may weep....
6  MikkTorrent posted on Sep 5, 2004
[sigh] so good...
5  sister cuervo posted on Jan 18, 2004
Very well done, with sensitivity toward the charecters.
4  frella posted on Jan 10, 2004
i liked it ...sad but very cool
3  Demeter posted on Jan 8, 2004
Deliciously painful. A sensitive look at the three misfits and o/c esp. Spike's inner turmoil. Nice to see how despite his own misery he still manages to identify with Andrew and take him under his wing. Well done!
2  petzipellepingo posted on Jan 8, 2004
It would have been nice to see moments like that between Xander and Spike in Season Seven. Good job on portraying the misery behind the soul in Spike.
1  be posted on Jan 7, 2004
nice. well, actually, not nice, kinda miserable. But in a snapshot perfect kinda way.

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