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3  Tasha posted on May 30, 2005
Short and sweet. I liked it :)
2  excommunard posted on Dec 6, 2003
I also love everything you write, please don't ever stop the Spike/Buffy stuff now that the show's ended. In repsonse to previous reviwer, have you read Forsake me Not - this is setting the context for that story, about Buffy's feelings etc.
1  kdavid323 posted on Dec 5, 2003
I really love everything you write. I'm not sure what to think about the end of this. Not sure how to interpret what Buffy is trying to say. Maybe I'm just thick. I was thinking that a chapter or two more of this interlude might clear things up (hint, hint). Or, you could just reply to this message and tell me outright how simple the message really is.

I'm actually kind of embarrassed for asking this!

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