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6  cherylynn posted on Jul 26, 2004
A poiniant sad adventure story, very human for a vampire, but that's what you get with a soul. Where is he going will he find himself, he certainly has found a new kind of courage.
5  Andrea posted on Nov 17, 2003
I'll be keeping an eye out for more of your fiction -- please keep at it.
4  natsing posted on Nov 15, 2003
Another wow from me- loved this fic too- dark and chilling, wonderful characterisation
3  spikeswench posted on Nov 15, 2003
I love the glistening darkness in this fic.... Drusilla, Angel, the slayer... very, very nice.
2  cathrn posted on Nov 13, 2003 | allaboutspike
Belle, I see no insanity! I've always seen Spike ending up with a beautiful boy - wish he wasn't anon, and Spike wasn't leaving...
1  Belle posted on Nov 13, 2003
Beautiful. Love the slow building of his insanity. And Angel's reactions. Amazing.

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