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18  remuslives posted on Mar 20, 2012
That was excellent! Love the Angel/Spike friendship instead of crazy jealous Angel, nice. And that everyone was so accepting. Great humor and fluff and romance. Great fic!
17  Lydia posted on Aug 4, 2011
So I managed to read the whole thing hoping it would get better at some point but I found this story to just be a let-down. I love crossovers with BtVS/AtS but we hardly saw any interaction between the Angel characters and Buffy characters. And why write Fred into the story if she's not featured at all? I also find it pretty hard to believe that Buffy would have such a blasť response to meeting Connor- I don't think that just because she's over Angel means that she wouldn't feel a twinge of jealousy or something when she meets his baby, since a big part of why he left was his inability to provide that for her.

Maybe this story would have been ok if it was shorter, 1-3 chapters, and didn't feature the Angel characters since it was mostly a tease and they didn't really add anything to the story. This story was tedious and I wish I hadn't wasted my time waiting for zero payoff.
16  The Lady Meow posted on Feb 3, 2010 |
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15  Slyn posted on Jun 22, 2009
Loved this so much...I just grinned all the way through it. Spike the event planner...LOL. I loved the Angel/Cordy stuff. And bless your heart, Fred was nicely kept asleep through it all (I am so mean. LOL)
14  Lindsey posted on Sep 27, 2005
that was awesum! luved the ending!!! i really wish they wouldve made an episode like that! great job, that story was just hat i needed 2 make me SMILE!!!!!
13  Rachel posted on Apr 5, 2005
I'm sorry, I liked the story alot but it was confusing and the ending was no good. I'm being honest. Most of it was good, nice willow oz reunion, but the end was crap.
12  New Fan posted on Sep 4, 2004
Outstanding -- you captured the characters perfectly. Especially loved the interaction between Angel & Spike. I wish this could have been an episode on the TV series during Season 6!
11  lilmamaday posted on Feb 1, 2004
Really great story! I enjoyed it and can't wait to read another of your works!
10  slackerace posted on Sep 17, 2003
Fantastic story. Sweet and funny.
9  Atterb posted on Jun 30, 2003
Wonderful story, absolutely wonderful. You write all of the characters incredibly well; the dialogue was fantastic and funny.
8  Devadata posted on Apr 3, 2003
This was a fantastic fic, and just so much fun to read. You know how to the write the characters, and know how to make your stories unique (and very, very good). Is there any possibility of a sequel? Please say there is! Again, great fic!
7  Gabrielle posted on Mar 10, 2003
6  Christina posted on Jan 12, 2003
Awww, I liked the end. It was sweet. I love buffy and spike pleasant-talk
5  a new reader posted on Dec 1, 2002
Well, he'd been good. Very, very good. Now it was time to be bad.
was the ending. I think it should end like this.

Well, he'd been good. Very, very good. Now it was time to be bad. Very, very bad!
4  silverwolf posted on Nov 18, 2002
Very nice read. I believe this is the first fic I've read that made the thought of angel/cordy halfway plausible. I usually get nauseous thinking about the ship. Impressive! that shows damn good skills!
3  Gina posted on Oct 31, 2002
Very good! I thought it was very funny, and very true to the characters as well.
2  Saggit posted on Oct 9, 2002 | All About Spike
Really delightful. It's nice to read a story which focuses on the comic details of personality as it winds it length of plot out, and avoids all the cliches associated with the series. Great job! :)
1  Lauren posted on Sep 21, 2002
You have a very perceptive hold of the characters. I could almost hear and see Spike and Buffy in each scene. I can't wait to read more of your stories! Would it be asking to much for a SEQUEL?!?! lol

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