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11  GL posted on Jan 22, 2006
Aww i love this one! its cute and sexy and..why the hell can't my life be like this?! somebody please write me a life!
10  Chris posted on Oct 7, 2005
Loved this story. You can really write - so much sexier than many more anatomical pieces!
9  Kristen posted on Oct 3, 2005
sweet and sexy
8  Laura posted on Mar 30, 2005 |
OMG i have been into S/B fic for like the longest time and this is actually pretty good! I had been to this site numerous times but i hadnt ever read the fic!Its good! have you read ALL of the S/B fiction on Most of them are like really HOT and they are really good too! Hopefully more S/B fiction posted on the site! I especially love how you incorporated the lust and teh whole"Buffy died, I can't go on in life" spike thing! I really like the list of Buffy's! It was kool! I wonder, what CAN he do with his tongue
7  Estellina posted on Jan 4, 2005 |
I love your story...*Reasons*...thanks for sharing!
6  Ms Trick posted on Nov 10, 2004
this is an awesome story! really well written and a fabulous ending!
5  ver posted on Feb 21, 2004
that story was wicked cool. i love everything about it. wow.
4  Laura posted on Jul 26, 2003
Amazing. That's about all I can I loved the humor and realistic tone the story had all in one. Thank you for sharing you muse with us. Share more please. :)
3  jen posted on Apr 25, 2003
Yum. ;)
2  Wiliamslove posted on Feb 23, 2003
that was one of the best fics iv read in a while!!:) cant wait to read more from you..
1  Jane Davitt posted on Feb 20, 2003 |
Lovely story. I liked the dialogue and the romance. Buffy's suspicions were realistic and the reasons just got yummier...

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