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12  cherylynn posted on Dec 3, 2004
This is a hell of a gritty storey really sad, believable, funny and tough. awesome dude
11  natsing posted on Nov 15, 2003
I loved it- what more can I say? wonderfully written
10  Calista posted on Nov 11, 2003
Great characterization of spike and angel. Really emphasized their personal loathing and apathy for eachother. Please continue!!!!!!! (:
9  C.A. Brown posted on Oct 31, 2003 |
Incredible fic. Loved it. Spike & Angel were spot on. Keep it up.
8  Andrea posted on Oct 19, 2003
When I watch Spike and Angel on the screen (individually, I mean, as characters), I find it hard to picture them as anything other than heterosexual ... maybe kinky het for Spike, somewhat more vanilla het for ensouled-Angel, but still het. But your fic makes it almost possible to conceive of them as being capable of same-sex attraction at least with each other. And if they were ever going to start up something together with Spike in an ensouled, corporeal state, I could see it happening like this.

Your writing is poetical, powerful, and evocative. The bit at the end where Angel calls him Will then has to look away from him took my breath away. It was very effective.

Well done. Have you ever written/published fiction professionally? If so, I'd be interested in exploring your professional work.
7  spikeswench posted on Oct 17, 2003
I love this fic. The dynamic between Spike and Angel is tense, dark and restless... black and every possible shade of grey... amazing
6  DittoSpikette posted on Oct 11, 2003
Excellent. Dxxoo
5  Toasterwiz posted on Oct 11, 2003
Wow. Okay, wow. I loved this. Loved, loved, and loved some more. I am definitely going to have to read the rest of your stuff.
4  amerella posted on Oct 11, 2003 |
Thanks to all of you for the comments! *blushes*

To Nan: I find it easier to write so-called driftyfic! than to write any other way, but I must say, this was a blast to write. Thank-you muchly for your encouragement and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. ^_^
3  Deborah Marwaha posted on Oct 11, 2003
Your stories are amazing. Cruel, poignant and pin-prick sharp.

This was heart wrenching.
2  Nan posted on Oct 11, 2003 |
I've just discovered your fiction, and I've read all of it. You have a poet's characteristic brevity and tendency to condense all into an image, a phrase and leave mere events inconclusive. But this one stretches its shoulders almost into actual story. I think that would free you. At least I believe it could. So I hope for that for you. All of your fic is very strong; yet there's a held-breath quality about it. Let the breath out and let it move. I think it would go somewhere splendid.
1  Diva Stardust posted on Oct 10, 2003
Loved it. Fantastic Angel and Spike dialgoue. So very *them*. I thought this passage here was perfect in showing just how tired and weary Spike was:

“Fucking soul,” Spike said acidly, dropping the act a bit. Worn leather coat made him seem tragic. Reciting all those old lines. He looked like he was doing his best James Dean over there lighting a cigarette. If James Dean had fallen into the glory of the seventies. And he looked tired, saying, “We’re in the same boat on this one, yeah? And you’re gonna capsize the both of us with this high and mighty bullcrap.”

And then this part was just *gorgeous* and is a great example of why I love your writing style so much:

"He needed this, a dirty fuck in the rain like a dirty fuck in a B-rated flick made new and beautiful by Spike in all his gritty dazzle, a bottle blonde under a black sky. In Technicolor."

Wonderful fic!

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