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15  remuslives posted on Mar 28, 2012
that was fantastic! one of the best btvs's i've read. it had everything, happy, sad, sexy, silly, action, outstanding job!
14  danielle posted on Apr 26, 2008
OMG That was the best fan fic i think i have read, i loved it so so much. thank you
13  Nobodys Girl posted on Oct 13, 2007
Always-jbj reccomended your fic at the Bsv forum. She was right, it was a really nice fic.
12  Sapur posted on May 21, 2007
one of best stories about Buffy and Spike that I have ever read

great story:)
11  kat posted on Jul 8, 2006
Wow, time paradox is a difficult subject to tackle, but it was well written. This is how I think buffy the series shld end. :)
10  Devyn posted on Jun 17, 2005



I'll have you know I stayed up unitl nearly 3am reading this story.

I think I still have tears in my eyes. Well done. I could totally see this as a finale.
9  rhys posted on Oct 12, 2004
Fabulous...what else could I say?
8  veronica posted on Aug 15, 2004
awesome awesome awesome! i loved it!!!
7  Horizon posted on Jul 29, 2004
I remember reading this a couple of years ago on death marked love and loved it then and reading it a second time it was even beter. You are an amazingly talented story teller. Thank you.

6  frella posted on Sep 26, 2003
freeking love it! i should of thought of it lol

5  ZoniDuck posted on Sep 25, 2003
I have to admit, when I first looked at this fic, I thought, oh yeah, right 'Spuffy in Space'? You've got to be kidding me. It wasn't quite so funny when I was staring at my still-beating heart on the floor by the end. I really liked this story. The voices and characterization are spot-on, it's got the action, the smut, the angst and the love, and it's Spuffy. What more could you ask for?
4  lena posted on Sep 25, 2003
I forgot to add, thank you Laura for finding this story.
3  lena posted on Sep 25, 2003
i too read this story ages a long time ago and lost it, now i have found it again. this is one of the best-written spuffy i have ever read. many writers have good ideas, but their dialogue and prose is not professional. Yours reads like a "real" novel, except with a better plot (cause I luv spuffy). thanks for writing
2  Zyrya posted on Sep 24, 2003
Oh, I love this story! I read it quite a while ago, and then lost it ... yay for AAS. Very imaginative piece, with just enough sci-fi details to make it credible but not too much that it gets bogged down. The segue from the future to the past (present) is handled beautifully.
1  angelsou posted on Sep 24, 2003
you know, i think i read this ages ago (either that or you and I have oddly similar dreams) i loved it then, and I love it now - a great piece of writing.

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