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5  chez posted on Apr 24, 2007
very and really bittersweet.
4  louise39 posted on Dec 30, 2006
Re-read this heartbreaking little episode. Both Spike & Buffy, supernaturally strong, but so tentative. Very moving.
3  chez posted on Nov 19, 2006
This is so real it makes me thrum !!!!!!
I agree, slaymesoftly who are these amazing people?
I paint and illustrate Spike and Buffy and this is great inspiration.
my work is about dialogues, (strangly in a mute medium) and reading these marvelous stories just makes the keys turn in my eyes. Thanks herself, got a lot out of this one.
I must check out your site.
2  Slaymesoftly posted on Sep 3, 2006 |
I'm working way back through the archive (AAS) that hooked me on this world, the people in it and the incredibly talented people who write fan fic about them. So, I re read this wonderful little fic and was reminded again of what a long way I have to go. :) A lovely and believable slice of between the scenes. Thank you.
1  Tasha posted on May 22, 2005
I love these stories!!!!!!

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