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17  Darkfire posted on Aug 5, 2011
That was beautiful. Excellent, excellent fic.
16  Serenity James posted on Aug 14, 2006
ummm...yay!!! Hot slash...good...english...ahhhhh...*dies of love*
15  Skytteflickan88 posted on Jul 12, 2006 |
Awww. Andrew's just to qute. And Spike's so sweet, being nice and making it good for him. It's in fics like these we really see the difference between unsould and souled Spike. This story was really sweet in that poignant, sad and bittersweet way. The end of the world and a almost certain death is closing in but there's still hope in this fic. You made me think that they both could become great men if they survied. And I've seen season 5 of Angel so I know that they will.

Keep up the great work.
14  Lori posted on Jan 14, 2006
Why have I never read this before!?
I love slash, but I never even considered Spike and Andrew as plausible until now.
You captured Andrews charachter perfectly and thanks to you, I now genuinely believe that Spike could find Andrew attractive.
I can't believe how well this pairing works. You've broadened my slashy horizons, thank you! I'm goin to hunt down more Spike/Andrew fic right now!
13  ... posted on Jul 14, 2005
I don't know if this is something that would be considered a normal comment. But that was just cute.
12  Lena posted on Nov 13, 2004
Very, very good sex scene. You have capured Andrew's innocence perfectly. I completly empathized with him in this fic. Perfect.
11  zimba posted on Sep 16, 2004 |
I read this fic a long time ago and I forget to post a review. I read it tonight for something like the 10 time and OMG that's sooo great. I'm a complete spandrew fan and I absolutely think this fic is the best spandrew fic ever. Awesome awesome awesome
10  spikezdafittest posted on Aug 27, 2004
wow wow wow wow this is such a good story 10 out of 10 well done
9  Shadowscast posted on Aug 24, 2004
Oh wow, that was so good. The characters were spot-on, and the sex was damn hot. Andrew's attraction for Spike is perfectly canonical, but the tricky thing about the pairing is convincing us that Spike would see anything in Andrew. The situation works here; I found it totally believable.
8  Trudie posted on Aug 22, 2004
ooooh, deliciously naughty :)
7  Alice posted on Aug 21, 2004
Oh Steffi, this was awesome! I loved it! So sweet and poignant, and something Spike would do, if he was drunk enough to drop the tough guy act,
6  kate posted on Jun 14, 2004
just found this - i've never tried S/A before, but this was great. Just enough of Andrew's neediness to balance his whininess, and just enough of Spike's inner geek. Fab.
5  J posted on Sep 9, 2003
both characters to a tee, the setting, the dialogue, the humour and tenderness - all spot on - thanks - really terrific - more please?!
4  Cyn posted on Aug 19, 2003
This just floored me. I've never found S/A terribly believable, but this was, in a slashy sort of way. Great voices, nifty humor, marvelous phrasing. Just terrific.
3  jayneanne posted on Aug 19, 2003
Very good story & very well written. Got the 'geekiness' of Andrew down to a T''. And Spike is *hot*!
2  Mar ala posted on Aug 18, 2003 | Http
Well that was something!Ok not into this---boy verse boy,but I made up my mind to read all,and taking the veiw only to the writers,how well they
executed there story. Even though I do not agree with this story,you are a good writer,and i will look forward to seeing more stories from you!
1  Kyllikki posted on Aug 18, 2003 |
There are some good Andrew fics out there, but I don't think I've ever read an Andrew voice as authentic as this one. The wistfulness, the geekspeak, the yearning for acceptance -- perfect.

And Spike ain't too bad, either. ;)

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