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8  perception posted on Jan 5, 2007
my god what an ass. I cant believe he's going to hide this from his freinds. poor Spike.
7  Dylan posted on May 7, 2006
Ah, the internal monologue of Xander, butt-monkey to the gods.

I found that particuraly amusing. But really, I think you're one of the best writer's i've ever has the privlege of reading. Your writting is so intimate and personal and *right* that it almost hurts. I don't konw how you do it, but god do i love this series.
6  BelleImani posted on Jan 22, 2004 |
5  DittoSpikette posted on Dec 28, 2003
I adore all your fics, you're one of our favourite writers. Dxxoo
4  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 22, 2003
Such a hot and sad chapter of this series. I thought this part here was particuarily sad:

"But none of them stir. None of them notice. Funny, how that kind of hurts."

And the ending? God, I just wanted so bad for Xander not to tie him back up and for them to sleep together.
3  Natsing posted on Aug 6, 2003
I love your Spike/Xander pairings, and your writing is superb- I'm starting to absolutely love this series- its s one of my faves- definately gonna re-read them in order, keep it up
2  Laura - Site Admin posted on Aug 5, 2003 |
Susan - your review has been deleted. Please read the review guidelines before you post another review:

Do not criticize a story because you dislike the pairing--that is entirely a matter of personal taste, and it's exceptionally rude to behave as if your favorite pairing is the only 'correct' one. Do not demand that a writer write your pairing. If you want it so badly, read something else, or write it yourself.
1  Opulence posted on Aug 4, 2003
"Y'know, it's kind of ironic that we just had gay sex in a closet."

Xander winces.

Love that. Annie...only YOU could make me a slash fan. Well done.

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