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5  BelleImani posted on Jan 22, 2004 |
Wow. Season 4 and 5 they way they should have been. This series is a delight.
4  Faeralee posted on Dec 27, 2003
Wow. This entire fiction (and all it's differant parts) is absolutely amazing. It had me in tears and giggling in several differant places. Encore, encore!
3  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 22, 2003
I've always adored the way you write Spike, but I'm really digging him here in a different way. His grins, laughter, playstaion, pixie stix in his blood, Saturday morning cartoons, etc. Love all these little things that partly make up who he is.
2  devi posted on Jul 31, 2003
Ummmmm, the jungle cat crawl. Love the insults while smooching between the pair, so cute. Your writing is so vivid, just amazing.
1  drcoulter posted on Jul 22, 2003
It's very hard to believe that this is your first S/X fic because you write them so incredibly well!! This is perfect schmoop, and you got their voices down pat. Wonderful!!!

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