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14  miz_extraordinary posted on Dec 29, 2005 |
Fabulous take on it! Go you!
13  yhapster posted on Apr 15, 2004
I'd say you and Peasant are the best out there - mainly 'coz I'm an epic kind o' gal..But this short fic is great..Of course she loves him!!

P.S. when are you going to finish the Shepherd series? I went so far as to print the story so far out so I could read it in bed!! You are torturing me here!
12  gwendolenau posted on Oct 20, 2003
Beautiful little story and loved the metaphor. Your Buffy-voice is just spot on. Thanks.
11  spuffy4evr posted on Sep 27, 2003
I loved it. Every now and then you come across one of these. The ones that make you want to keep them, and remember them. Like photographs. And I can! Mr. Printer, here I come!
10  Renee posted on Sep 26, 2003
WOW that was really great, ive read many fics, but that one was one of the best i reckon, it was short, but soooo goood!

*sigh* i miss BTVS and SPIKEEE
9  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Love the comparsion of Spike to a butterfly and your explanation for Buffy smiling at the end. I thought this line was really great:

"No power on earth could ever take anything from him again."
8  Kimi posted on Jul 30, 2003
I don't normally do this, but you didn't leave an email address, so...

Wolf is still alive and well. The show, plus RL issues (nice ones, new grandchild on her way in a month and some changes in work responsibilities) slowed me way down.

I fully intend to finish Wolf, and when I do, Laura's wonderful updates will let you know. Thank you for the compliment on Butterfly, and for caring about Shepherd, Daniel and DeLuca enough to ask!

7  *m* posted on Jul 29, 2003 |
Kimi, i love your work...

but my question is more re: your WOLF/SHEPHERD series... will you be updating it again soon? oh pretty pretty please? i am soooo wishing & hoping that its still under construction.. i fell in love w/ it!
6  Andrea posted on Jun 29, 2003
I liked your alternate explanation for Buffy's smile!
5  spikelover posted on Jun 23, 2003
i thought it was wonderful i had a little tear coming down my cheak it was great i hope u get a lot of good reviews.
4  hesadevil posted on Jun 21, 2003
You've gorn and done it again haven't you? This is a little gem; - the final smile, - all explained.

Thank you
3  Jen posted on Jun 20, 2003
Lovely, Kimi, as usual. I want that smile to be about Spike too -- thanks for giving it justification.
2  petzipellepingo posted on Jun 20, 2003
You know, you are absolutely right. Spike did run from the odd fight, but never the war. Thanks.
1  BuffyX posted on Jun 20, 2003 |

Awwww. *sniff* I love it! Spike's a butterfly. And Buffy was right, wasn't she? But we all knew she was. We believed in him long before she did. ;-)

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