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7  Mrs X posted on Jan 1, 2007
Just found this little gem of yours. It's adorable and I love it for all the reasons given by previous review posters.
6  wow posted on Jun 23, 2004
soo good second time i read it! so realistic
5  me posted on Mar 4, 2004
it was awsome plz wirte more
4  hmm... posted on Jan 1, 2004
i loved it a lot!
3  hesadevil posted on Jun 21, 2003
"Nothing says you're sorry like getting a soul."

Spike as a "pitbull on steroids"

Kimi - your command of language never ceases to amaze. This is really a very cleverly consructed little cameo. It captures Angel so perfectly with such a spare use of words (rather poetical in fact) and, at the same time, we are given a delicious insight into Spike's character, into the very nature of which much use will, no doubt, be made on next season's AtS.

Lurve you too!
2  darkwoods posted on Jun 16, 2003
"Which was probably why he was quietly riding back to L.A., alone, without putting up a fight, respecting her wishes...While Buffy was giving the amulet to Spike."
Got to love your insight into why Spike is so right for Buffy. He doesn't let her get away with anything. Love Angel here too. Thanks, another great job!
1  yvonne posted on Jun 16, 2003
Loved this little gem. Ya pegged it, as usual.
Funny, but I hated Angel for a very long time, but have discovered that I now like him any way but with Buffy. I think this fic has underscored why.

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