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14  Sock Monkey posted on Oct 22, 2004
I enjoyed this so much. You've captured the characters perfectly, and your vignettes of their relationship are moving and believable. What a shame Mutant Enemy chose not to go with this pairing, but how lucky we are to have Spred stories like yours!
13  Rhonda posted on Oct 2, 2004
Very good. Very romantic to. I love it.
12  olga posted on Dec 5, 2003
11  JessAngel posted on Nov 2, 2003
Beautifully done. The way you wrote them together -gah- it was touching. I especially liked the use of the title/line "the little things". I was moved...You kept the two in wonderful character as well. Fantastic work. I truly enjoyed this Spike and Fred fanfic. The dog was a very cute touch *grin*

Write on BuffyX!

Jess 0:o)
10  arkady posted on Aug 11, 2003
Beautiful story, BuffyX. I've tried to embrace non-shippiness here lately, but you've given a portrayal of Spike and Fred that's helped me see how a relationship between them could work. I like Fred as a character a lot, and I think she'd be good for Spike. And I love the idea of Spike having a dog. Just what he needs--lots and lots of unconditional love. Well done!
9  grace posted on Jul 11, 2003
Who would have thunk? I enjoyed this a lot. Sweet without being syrupy and an interesting glimpse of what-might-be. Great potrayal of the unconditionality (is that a word?) of the Spike/Fred relationship. Now I'm secretly rooting for them. Great job! :)
8  Janna posted on Jun 15, 2003
ooh, i love the idea about spike and fred being together. It would be so great.thanks for the lovely story!
7  Candace posted on Jun 14, 2003
Wonderful story! S/F is my 'never-could-happen' ship.
6  debbicles posted on Jun 13, 2003
Great work BuffyX. I hadn't given this pairing any thought, but it works.

Lovely stuff.

Thanks for this.
5  Fallowdoe posted on Jun 13, 2003
You make a great case for this pairing-- it seems very appropriate as you present it. I think it's something I'd like to see onscreen, after having read it here. Excellent job, thanks so much for sharing it!
4  hobbit posted on Jun 13, 2003
That was lovely. Hopefully from your pen to JW's ears. I would very much like to see this relationship on AtS next season.
3  CBH posted on Jun 13, 2003
Spike and Fred is not a pairing that you would normally think of but you are right, this does work. This is very sweet, all Spike wants is someone to love him..
2  Lisa posted on Jun 12, 2003
That was just lovely. I want someone to love him too and this worked really well.
1  darkwoods posted on Jun 12, 2003
BuffyX, YOU'RE the crafty one. Spike and Fred, I wouldn't have thunk it...and yet...this was so so yummy...

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