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115  marks posted on Jun 2, 2013
Sorry to say, I've stopped reading this trilogy at Ch.4 of Blood Kin. It is just way too Dawn-centric for me (I hate that character). I knew I was in trouble when Blood Kin started out by pretty much announcing that Buffy & Spike were back together - no explanation given, like it was minor detail - shame on you. But, anyway, as I said about Dawn, keeping that character on the show after Season 5 was ludicrous. There is literally no point in her being there as she has no purpose except to whine and complain. To summarize, I think your writing is, for the most part, well done but reading fics about Dawn is time I'll never get back and certainly not time well spent os at all enjoyable.
114  The Lady Meow posted on Sep 1, 2009 |
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113  Nan posted on Sep 19, 2003 |
Hi, everybody. You've been kind enough to express interest in my previous Spikefiction. If you'd care to read the DRAFT version of Chapter 1 of The Blood Is the Life, the sequel to Old Blood and Enemy of My Enemy, you can find it on my Live Journal (that's new and I'm only just beginning to learn how to use):

You can comment on it by hitting the comment button (on the Live Journal, NOT here), sending me e-mail, or whatever you please. Or, if so minded, you can ignore it altogether. Of course nobody is obliged to read it at all. It will be a long work, probably novel length.

I will be posting subsequent chapters there as the story progresses. When I've accumulated 3-4 chapters and revised them as best I can in response to comments and (I hope) greater wisdom/insight of my own, I'll offer them to the same sites that have been kind enough to carry Old Blood and Enemy of My Enemy.

I emphasize that this is FIRST DRAFT WORK. I may make changes as the story continues. But typically, they will be changes of detail, not changes of substance, just because that's the way I mostly work.

I hope you enjoy this new work and send me LOTS of comments! Feel free to pass this along to anyone you choose.
112  Pin posted on Sep 11, 2003
Nan -Thanks for the revisions - it gives me an excuse to read the whole story all over again! I'm excited about the prospect of a third part. One can never have too many well-written fics.
111  Sue posted on Sep 5, 2003
Nan's contemplating a third installment! Whoo and, possibly even, Yay! Will wait with baited breath.

On a more serious note, I will understand if you decide not to do it. EOME ended in a good place, and with OB, was one of the finest pieces of fiction I've read for a while. But if you feel there is enough material for another story, then I'll be over the moon to see it. Keep well!
110  Nan posted on Sep 5, 2003 |
I've heard from some readers dismayed at the fresh draft because they'd already printed out the first draft. For everyone's convenience, I'll identify those chapters that have the most substantial changes: Chapters 6, 9, and 24.

Chapters with lesser but still more than cosmetic changes: Chapters 4 and 13.

In the rest of the chapters, the changes only consist of a few words and some changes in phrasing rather than content, so if you've already printed the whole book, I wouldn't think it would be worth the time and effort of downloading them and then printing the entire book again.

Hopes this simplifies things for you all.
109  Nan posted on Sep 5, 2003 |
The second draft revision has now been posted, courtesy of Laura. You can collect it now if you want. Happy Spiking, come October!
108  TJ posted on Sep 5, 2003
Hi Nan,

i certainly enjoyed ur pervious 2 stories, and will be looking forward to ur 3rd installment A LOT!!! ;-)

Hoping to b able to read the 3rd installment soon!
107  Nan posted on Sep 3, 2003 |
Hi, everybody. Just checked with never-to-be-sufficiently-praised Laura, and she'll get to posting those revised chapters of EME soon. She said she'd put up a notice when she's done so. If you've been waiting, the wait will soon be over. Again, thanks for your comments and kind words.

Incidentally, despite common sense, I AM contemplating a third installment, from Old Blood and Enemy of My Enemy. Even though it will now be totally AU, enough readers seem to have enjoyed the first two to make a third worthwhile. The first chunk of it, I think, before the end of the year.... No promises, only hopes.
106  Cathy posted on Sep 2, 2003
Just read both Old Blood and Enemy of my Enemy - they were soooo good. I'm so impressed by your imagination and ability to weave such a great tale! I really loved your characterization of everyone, but especially Spike, Buffy and Dawn. And I loved the way that you had all the relationships develop, it was so believable - as was your explanation of Buffy's emotional inaccessability prior to Dawn's disappearance. I hope you write more - I really enjoyed your work!
105  dutchbuffy2305 posted on Aug 29, 2003 |
I'm still loving this series, adn this incarnation fo Spike very very much.
I just discovered the 'Kantmorie" link, and I remember them fondly...A wonderful world and great characters.
104  Laura posted on Aug 13, 2003
Hi Nan! I shall post the final version as soon as I get a chance, probably within the week. I'll let you know and will also post a note on the home page so that readers will know.
103  Nan Dibble posted on Aug 13, 2003 |
Everybody, thanks again for the feedback. MUCH appreciated!

I'd never "published" a novel serially before, and ALWAYS do a second (and sometimes a third) draft when a novel is completed. In the second draft of EME, I clarified or eliminated plot threads left dangling or undeveloped in the first draft, as originally posted, and have sent the revised chapters to the webmasters carrying the novel. Should you be as much of a nit-picker as I am (Virgo, you know), and want to keep a file copy of this novel, you might care to wait till the end of August (or so) and pick up a fresh copy then, when the gentle, patient webmasters (Hi, Laura!) have had a chance to upload it all, chapter by chapter.
102  Nos posted on Aug 13, 2003
I actually wasn't sure about this series at first; I was slightly confused on the branching off point in the AU, and was iffy about your vampire lore, as many tend to get it really wrong. But, you brought it all together and really made me enjoy the story, dispite my misgivings. Your lore was wonderfully done, and the story was excellant. Well done.
101  DebXena posted on Aug 10, 2003 |
I waited until you'd finished writing the story before starting to read, and I'm so glad I did - it was a great read! Dialogue seemed a little stilted to start, but quickly began to flow and sounded just right in my head!

Love your version of how Season 7 finishes much better, and will pretend that your version is the real one, I think. Also really adored Mike - a great character and you made him really real.

Congratulations on a remarkable piece of writing.
100  Margot posted on Aug 10, 2003
Bloody Brilliant.

99  Sister Cuervo posted on Aug 9, 2003
Excellent, well-realized story. Mike is a marvelous OC, loved Dawn as well as all our regular charecters. I really got the feel of the alien vampire culture, and facinated by demon-conflicted souls of Angel and Spike. I can't wait for more of your writing. Thanks.
98  jem jem posted on Aug 7, 2003 | all about spike
I could not read this story until it was finished because I was so worried that it would not end well for Spike.I enjoyed every word.I liked the way explainations were given for why Angel and Spike were so different souless.I liked Buffy ,Dawn aand Willow butI was particulary fond of Giles.That is how I would have loked to see him react to Spike,the gradual growning of respect and acknowledgment for all that Spike had achieved and for the fact that he tried.Finally i have a feeling that there might be a story for Dawn and Mike!
97  Karaph posted on Aug 5, 2003
Loved the story, loved the ending. I was so afraid that Spike was gonna be dust at the end -- glad to see he survived and with B/S intact.
96  Cyn posted on Aug 4, 2003
Oh, fabulous! What a wonderful finish! I want to cheer. How marvelous that Spike's heroic determination to die is thwarted by the equally heroic meddling of Dawn and Anya!

What a satisfying and magnificent story. Thanks for making all the neglected characters (and your awesome OC, Mike) so integral to Spike's miraculous survival. Talk about having your cake and eating it too -- I count myself happy indeed, getting to savor Resigned Heroic Spike -- *and then* being able to enjoy his victory and your uplifting resolution.

And... there's more to write. Surely I don't deceive myself in this. *grins* There may be hope for another story from Nan.

95  Rana posted on Aug 4, 2003
Goddamn fabulous ending to a fucking fantastic series!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been enamoured with this series from beginning to end, reading both parts in about a week. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nan for completely wiping out all traces of the less than perfect ending that Joss gave us and replacing it with a tender, touching, scary, and soaring ride.
94  Fallowdoe posted on Aug 4, 2003
Thank you for a cogent and interesting story that tied together the loose ends of Season Seven in a way I can respect and care about. Thank you! :)
93  Enthralled posted on Aug 4, 2003
92  Enthalled posted on Aug 4, 2003
91  Sue posted on Aug 4, 2003
Just superb! I don't read the TV tie-in novels; the quality is usually just so indifferent (partly Fox's fault, I know!). This story only serves to highlight just what you can do if you want to write an intelligent, daring and character-driven novella. Fox doesn't know what they are missing. Thank you very much, Nan, it has been a pleasure.

I don't want to importune you, but will there be a sequel or at least another story? I would love to read more of your work!
90  Marianne posted on Aug 4, 2003
So well written, I couldn't wait until you updated it every time. I thought you captured the "alien" aspects of Spike perfectly. I hope you write some more soon.
89  Nan posted on Aug 3, 2003 |
Thanks for your interest, your comments, your courtesy, and your enthusiasm. It's been a long ride, and I've probably told you all more (conjecture) about vampires than you ever cared to know. But Spike isn't a guy, he's a vampire person and I want to understand better what that might mean to him and those around him who love him. As we do.

Special thanks to Webmaster Laura for all her patience, good nature, and hand-holding.
88  Shippy posted on Aug 3, 2003
Wow...what an ending. I peeked before I read the chappy and saw 'Spike' and 'ran' and freaked out, thinking that he was running away for good.

It's been a wonderful ride, and I can't wait for more from you.
87  Mar ala posted on Aug 3, 2003 | Http
Let me correct myself,I ment to say chapter 24,Why i wrote 23,is beyond me! Mar ala
86  Mar ala posted on Aug 3, 2003 | Http
Well gal you did it,what a hell of a story.I love the way it ended,so much better to see Spike live.And anya,& the part that Dawn played in it,To see the bit so grown up and in her way take command.It was Spectacular!From chapter one to chapter23,It was Glorious! there should be an award for this story,to you,Cant wait to se what you come up with next!You are now one of my top writers,and believe me I pick only a few. Thank you---- Mar ala
for your work

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