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11  Kara posted on Aug 3, 2007
pure freaking genius. SPIKELUS! What a perfect spoof. The whole Christmas morning/ Memeorial day mornign made me laugh.
10  meemoo posted on Mar 11, 2007
Hah! that made me laugh!
9  candy posted on Jun 20, 2005
pure genius! i love it! it was so funny, that i showed my mom, adn she laughed, too. good job, and keep up the good work!
8  Pmacca01 posted on May 5, 2005 |
Okay, now that has got to be one of the funniest things I've read in a while. Well done.
7  xSpikes_Angel_X posted on Oct 19, 2004
hahaha hilarious stuff lolz "Spikelus" hahaha liked the making fun of angel lolz haha you really are a genius
6  Licia Phoenix posted on Aug 13, 2004
hilarious!!!! loved it, you're a genius. could almost see them doing it like that.
5  Anya e. posted on Jun 29, 2004
cool. that was funny about "spikeuls" ha, ha, ha
4  Summer posted on Jan 30, 2003
ROTFL!!! You rock!
3  Anna posted on Dec 18, 2002
lmao. nice!
2  Debbie-ef posted on Oct 20, 2002
Really funny thanks!
1  Cheridel posted on Sep 20, 2002 |
I laughed my butt off. Great job.

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