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29  Theresa posted on Sep 18, 2013
Just finished reading "Shadows". Excellent story! Would like to see even more of this one! Please keep writing, and thank you for sharing your ability with the rest of us!
28  bittenandstaked posted on Feb 8, 2005 |
I just have to say that I Loved this story. At first I wasn't so sure but I got so caught up in the emotions that it was over before I realised it. You wrote the characters so wonderfully and so sensitively. Thank you.
27  Seraiza posted on Oct 22, 2004
WOW!!!!!!!!! you made me cry!!!!!!!! That was an absolutely beatutiful story!!!!!!! hoping to read more!
26  suzanne posted on Jul 9, 2004
beautiful. absolutely amazing. moved me to tears.
25  Jess Marie posted on Jun 16, 2004
Ok, I *know* I've reviewed this before, but I just can't get over how beautiful this is. The idea of it kinda haunted me, so I came back and reread it. And I couldn't let it go without saying again... Wow. Really. Just... wow.
24  Jess Marie posted on Feb 2, 2004
First, I loved the continuity here with Season 5 and the never-explained "You're that guy" line. You took such a throw-away split-second scene and developed this beautiful concept utilizing it. That's just awesome.
Second, this is a fic that is so powerful that one read-through isn't quite enough. It keeps drawing me back. It's utterly unique and pretty breath-taking.
Third, I have to agree with those who have asked for a sequel. I want more!
23  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
I loved this a great deal. It was great to read a post-"Chosen" Spuffy fic that had a large emphasis on Dawn for a change. A Dawn that wanted to help Spike, yay! Also loved that it was Xander who had been taking care of him.
22  isa posted on Aug 30, 2003
I didn't realize the sun has just come up--I was so caught up in the story couldn't let go. thank you so much.
21  mhairiayn posted on Jul 7, 2003
You have given us the most beautiful rendition of a continueing sequel to our favorite people Buffy and Spike. Please, Please Update you deffinately must it is awesome.
20  Atterb posted on Jun 2, 2003
I agree with everyone who wants more! Update soon, this story is awesome!
19  Sita posted on May 31, 2003
Is there more? Is there more? There's gotta be more! More! More! I need more... I'm dying here! Please, update soon! God, this story is so good... one of my favorites now!
18  ascian posted on May 30, 2003
Wow. I second the other folks here who begged for more - this was fantastic.
17  nightwitch posted on May 29, 2003
This is so much better than anything ME could come up with---you've made me cry, which is a hard thing to do. I would love to read much much more of this wonderful story.
16  deborah cohen posted on May 29, 2003
Kimi, I both your post Chosen stories moved me to tears in a way that the actual episode did not. The Chosen left me feeling bitter and betrayed. Thank you for bringing me some much needed comfort.
15  Tia posted on May 29, 2003
This was so wonderful written, Kimi! The suspense at the end was so well done. After it looked like she had failed, just that one word "Buffy ..." did it for me ... the tears came. And you always write absolutely perfect Dawn -- no exception here. Echoing what others have said, please, please do a sequel, chica ;-)
14  jules posted on May 29, 2003
very good. i loved it. you should continue on with this story. i got very involved.
13  Wei-Li posted on May 29, 2003
Ahhhh ... I cried my eyes out toward the end of part 3. Absolutely fantastic!
12  anne posted on May 29, 2003
That was such a great story. I love the way you wrote the Spuffy in here. Much thanks for this excellent work.
11  foggi posted on May 28, 2003 |
You are my hero. oh. my. god. That was excellent...and I thought I was all done with crying over Buffy-ish things. Wow. Amazing.
10  Karen posted on May 28, 2003
Oh, yes, Kimi, please write a sequel!
9  calla posted on May 28, 2003
Oh. Oh my. I want to cry. This was just torture. Spike not being Spike, Buffy not being Buffy (except the overworking part). And Dawn! And Xander! Who thought I could *like* Dawn? More than that, who ever thought I would *want* Dawn and Xander to hook up? There better be a sequel. Gorgeous ending.
8  Dawn posted on May 28, 2003
I loved it. I've read it twice already. I agree with everyone else, please write more! I love the X/D pairing, nice to see those two in your "Buffyverse", they were so underused this past season. And of course I love the B/S paring, you wrote them beautifully, thank you!
7  Kate posted on May 28, 2003
Echoing the sentiments on writing from the Dawn POV...and you used her voice so well. She was definitely grown up, but there was still a bit of 'Dawnie' in there. Fantastic! And suprisingly, loved the Spike-turns-human aspect because it was done with such honesty and realism (for Buffyverse that is). Also, The idea of Xander taking care of Spike like that is so earnest and so Xander. Love, love the idea of Buffy reclaiming her slayer past through her trips to the desert - the slayer power at its earthiest. Like the others, would love a sequel -to see all the relationship (really do love the idea of Xander and Dawn) explored further because you do it so well.
6  Herself posted on May 28, 2003 |
This was unexpected and moving. I especially liked the beginning of the Dawn/Xander thing--I've always had a little place in my heart for the idea of them eventually coming together. I also wish the story was a bit longer--I wanted more of the restored Spike and Buffy talking to each other.
5  BeingBoring posted on May 28, 2003
Ok, firstly, I'm so glad the human exception was made with this story. And secondly, I love Buffy in the desert, the detail with the lighter and the flea market. And a sequel would be lovely. Please?
4  OneTwoMany posted on May 28, 2003
Intense, gripping and absorbing. You handled all the characters beautifully and made my heart ache for poor, shellshocked 'Will'. I'll third the wish that the story were just that longer. Fortunately, while the way it ends is great, there is plenty of room for a compelling sequel. I'm sure you'll have an avid audience if you write one!
3  Miggins posted on May 28, 2003
You know that you're absolutely involved in a story when you forget to breathe. I'm just starting to get my breath back! A brilliant story - now all that's needed is a sequel, asap!
2  Cara posted on May 28, 2003
You know, I'm only going to get 3 and a half hours of sleep tonight, but I HAD to stay up to finish reading this. I loved every part of it. It was totally original, and I loved what you did with the characters. Hardly anyone focuses on Dawn the way you did, and I think you did a great job with her. I also liked the interaction and implications with her and Xander. As for the last chapter... just brilliant. I agree with Nan that I wish it were just a little longer. Sequel? Please?!
1  Nan Dibble posted on May 28, 2003 |
Eerie, thoughtful, suspenseful, and convincing. It's always a good sign when you wish it were *just* a little longer....

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