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11  Lani posted on May 14, 2012
This is absolutely lovely... the angst and gentle and generous feelings by both parties is believable and touching and a welcome balm from dystopian or mind-gamey or downright abusive dynamics of some of the other fics I've read lately. Charming.
10  Belle posted on Oct 19, 2003
So good, so sweet. Love it.
9  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 19, 2003
Loved the very believable awkwardness and tension in the beginning. And then loved even more when the tension was broken later on! Finding out Spike's a Temptations fan was such fun and it was good to hear the both of them laugh again.
8  DittoSpikette posted on Jul 24, 2003
Love all three. Ditto xxoo
7  Andrea posted on Jul 3, 2003
This triology is incredible!

I'm normally a "Spuffy" fan at heart, so I don't ordinarily read Spike/Other pairings at all, and nor do I ordinarily read Xander-focused fiction. But I'm really glad I read this triology because I think it's among the few best fan fic pieces I've seen. The dialogue captures the characters's voices very well. The internal monologue is outstanding. I think what really blows me away, though, is the way that you took a premise that I had once considered implausible and actually made it very believable. It works. Until I read your story, I wouldn't have thought it was possible. (Xander as a repressed homosexual I could believe, though the other fanfic I've seen that tried to explore this idea have had very mixed results -- a few present it in a believable way, many don't handle it well. Spike as a repressed bisexual or homosexual or anything other than pure woman-loving het just didn't "ring true" for me in any of the other Spike/same-sex pairings I've read. Until I read your triology, I thought the idea of Spike with a man was ... well, a fun idea to play with in fan fic but not really plausible. But you actually pulled it off. Xander and Spike as a pairing is also a concept that seemed pretty implausible until I read your triology.

Please! Give us more! X/S fiction would be good, but if you can write this brilliantly all the time, I would read anything by you.

Have you published professionally yet? If so, where can I find (and buy) your professional writings? If not ... get cracking! You have the gift. You might as well market it.
6  snoopygirll posted on Jun 26, 2003
I can't remember if I've ever said I love this trilogy but I've said it now. :) I've read this like ten times and it's on my favorites list and I have come back to it and will be coming back to it A LOT. Just gorgeous.

It's complete - you can feel that about it but I wish you'd write more S/X - maybe you do - I'll have to check out your LJ, see if you have a website. Bugger - so much to do.
5  Poofy Shinimegami posted on May 17, 2003
There are truely no words for the sheer awesomeness of this little trilogy.
I loved it!
4  JoJO posted on May 11, 2003
Well, that was...Rather plausible! and very well written. Sometimes, even very gifted writers miss Xander's ability to show courage at the right moments. Likewise, Spike's ability to suddenly reveal insecurity, and kind of throw mortals off by it.
You caught that very well, and, I have to say: Being a female reader who admires attractive men, I believe I've found a new way of looking at them!
Tx a bunch.
P.S.-Loved the Motown touch; feels like the kind of music to which Spike would take a liking.
3  nokia posted on May 7, 2003
oh this is good ! will there be more? hope so.
2  Trina posted on May 7, 2003
I really enjoyed the way you built up to their tryst. Especially, with the (gay) interplay on the show. Very Kewl!

Personally, I always thought, "harris" (doth protest too much.) Could it have all been UST?

More please!
1  becky posted on May 6, 2003

More please. Pretty pretty please.

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