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32  spuffyholic posted on Sep 24, 2007
"Spike's under the bed"

you gotta laugh at that. lol
i love this, sequel pleezzz?
31  Cricket posted on Mar 29, 2005
“Now what’s the weird news?” Dawn said.

“Spike is under the bed.”

Totally hilarious...I about died laughing...I think I might of needed CPR but the person here with me doesn't even know how to spell it...ow (was hit in the head)
30  lena posted on Feb 28, 2004
I love how you described the creak of the bed, then dawn' hair hitting the floor. It totally showed the scene to me from spike's pov. well done, good fic.
29  Miggins posted on May 5, 2003
Spuffy Fluff! Spuffy Fluff! We''re singing!
28  Nan Dibble posted on Apr 30, 2003
The line "Spike is under the bed" just made my day. Entirely charming.
27  mushmouse posted on Apr 14, 2003
Aww, that really hit the spot! Great mix of snarky, funny, sad and sexy romantic Spuffy. So good, so satisfying! Thanks!
26  mimi posted on Apr 12, 2003
thank you. sigh. if only...
25  reckless posted on Apr 10, 2003
I second the 'if this would only realy happen.' Man I needed some spuffy lovin. Much thanks.
24  Heather posted on Apr 8, 2003 |
:) I loved the 'Spike under the bed' part. Fabulous!
23  BabyCat posted on Apr 7, 2003
Wow! If only this would really happen. Love fluffy Spuffy! Keep going OzFan!
22  Julbie posted on Apr 6, 2003
That was kick ass. Can't wait for more!
21  Siryn posted on Apr 6, 2003
Fabulous fluffy Spuffy! :)
20  Rashaka posted on Apr 6, 2003
So someone tells me today (after a rather embarassing slip of the tongue) that I read too much smutfic.

So I come home, and GAH! There's pretty Spuffy smut on the computer, just waiting for me!

So of course I read it. And love it.

And am sad to see it end. Can we get an eplogue, with Scooby reactions?
19  WilliamsLove posted on Apr 5, 2003
WOW, you are excellent!! really the absolute best s7 fic i have read!! its ...perfect!! thank you!! i really really cant wait for more:)
18  Pat posted on Apr 5, 2003
Loved your story!Especially the part where Spike hides under the bed! Thank you for an extremely enjoyable time
17  Scarlett Girl posted on Apr 4, 2003
Okay, that answered that question! Great story.
16  Kate posted on Apr 4, 2003
What a yummy story!! Definitely needed such a lovely pick-me-up story on such a cold and rainy day. Ditto on loving the scene of Dawn finding Spike under the bed. A nice break from angst and melodrama. :)
15  Wynn posted on Apr 4, 2003 |
So sweet and sexy. I loved the image of Spike hiding under the bed and Dawn's head slowly coming into view, looking at him like he's nuts. Too funny. And the sweet, hot, sexy Spuffy... *sigh* Lovely.
14  Rina posted on Apr 4, 2003
Hmmmm, delicious!! I can't wait to read more.
13  kait posted on Apr 4, 2003
12  scarlett-girl posted on Apr 4, 2003
Whenever I feel there is no hope for Spuffy, I just read one of your fics. Sweet, sweet and funny to boot! I loved Dawn peering under the bed and their deadpan comments. Very Spike and Dawnish. The only thing that threw me was when he took off his pants, ::comando!commando!commando!:: I wasn't quite getting a "let's get naked" vibe from Buffy. But naked Spike is all good.

11  Rashaka posted on Apr 4, 2003 |
Dude, you write the best Spuffy fluff. It's all WAFF, but it's so realistic I can completely imagine the characters on the show doing and saying these exact things.

More please!
10  Clara posted on Apr 3, 2003
Ohhhh, Spuffy fluff. Very nice, can't wait to see what happens next.
9  WGJ12 posted on Apr 3, 2003
You little bitch! How dare you leave me hanging like that?? I expect an update, like, now!!

Just kidding (kinda). Lovin' it so far. You do humor very, very well. Now, hop to it. Back to work. No rest for the wicked and I expect something very wicked indeed out of you in the next chapter.
8  writteninstars posted on Apr 2, 2003
Spot-on characterizations, great dialogue. Can't wait to read more.
7  Rina posted on Apr 1, 2003
Great start to the continuation of a fabulous episode. I can't wait to read the rest.
6  OneTwoMany posted on Apr 1, 2003
Great start, you continued the tone of the closing moments of LMPTM beautifully. I loved the kiss-and-run. Buffy may be a slayer, a general and an adult, but when it comes to relationships she really can be such a girl.
5  kait posted on Apr 1, 2003
great start to a ep follow-up. keep it coming while we're all held captive in Repeat-o Land :)
4  freyja posted on Apr 1, 2003
This was wonderful.
3  Nos posted on Apr 1, 2003 |
This is just what we all needed. Wonderful start, hurry up with more?

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