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12  Lani posted on May 14, 2012
This is a great set-up and exposition for the whole story... the lead-up to the kiss (what a kiss! HOTT!) is especially well-done and plausible, and plausibly sets-up upcoming events. Well crafted.
11  Gabs posted on May 9, 2012
Awesomeee, hot and cute ^___^ I loved season 7, is pure Spike-angst! (if it had yaoi, it would be in an altar). I hope to read more of your work.
10  cricketpoor posted on Nov 24, 2004
I really like the fic keep up the good work
9  Ibonekoen posted on Aug 29, 2004
That was hot. Your Xander voice is bang-on. I loved it. ^_^
8  Shadowscast posted on Apr 27, 2004
I love, love, loved it! Xander can be quick-thinking when he needs to be, yes? The bloody kiss - sheer brilliance. And so hot.
7  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 19, 2003
Ah, great to actually get to see the *kiss* now! Definitely one of the hottest kisses I've read about in a while. Loved this line right here, very beautiful:

"Even Spike’s hair is a silvery blue, like the underside of a cloud lit up during a lighting storm."
6  DittoSpikette posted on Apr 5, 2003 |
There's a sequel? Thank goodness for that, otherwise I'd have to beg for one. Twisty recommended this to me

Excellent fic. Luv Ditto xxoo
5  juno posted on Mar 22, 2003
I liked this very much. Packs a wallop in a small space. Very nice Xander and conveys why Spike is a mess and why Xander would help someone he does not like. This type of fic is a difficult thing to do well - write an in canon slash fic for season 7. Yikes. Good job. Please write more.
4  OneTwoMany posted on Mar 21, 2003 |
I loved this. Great characterisation, good voice, nice balance between Xander-style humor and delicious angst. Thirding the sequel request.
3  dutchbuffy2305 posted on Mar 21, 2003 |
Really liked this...the pres-slashy vibe with Xander and Spike, then the not so pre kissing scene - very well done! I second the motion for a sequel.
2  Jane posted on Mar 20, 2003
Well written and believable. This doesn't say it's a work in progess, I hope this isn't the whole story. Please continue it very soon.
1  HurrySundown posted on Mar 20, 2003
Oh wow. Hilarious and heart-breaking all at once. Excellent character voice, too. This is the that Xander I love - deeply conflicted, but doing what needs to be done.

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