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28  Palabra posted on Sep 12, 2007
I've only read the first two parts, but already I love this piece! It's funny, but also touching. One minute, it has me bursting into laughter. The next, I'm fighting back tears because Joyce is acting so, well, alive and like Joyce. So far, this reads like it could have been an episode or a story arc. Good job!
27  gwendolen posted on May 22, 2004
Intriguing plot and near-perfect character voices. Such a pity it looks like we'll never know how this was all going to work out - and if Joyce was really Joyce ::sad::
26  helly120 posted on Oct 19, 2003
Wow!This story is fantastic! I saw it reconmmended on Witchie's site and I agree that it is amazing. Unfortunately I have the feeling that you haven't updated in a while which is a shame since this is so good! I liked the linked dreams although they confused me and I feel that you have portrayed every character in a positive light. Congratualtions.
25  rcat posted on Aug 11, 2003
More, please.
24  zanthine posted on Aug 9, 2003
I love this story; made me realize just how much I'd missed Joyce. Please update again soon!
23  cori posted on Jul 11, 2003
Great! Ready for an Update!!!
(OK Not Walt Whitman class...but it rhymes!)
22  Andrea posted on Jul 3, 2003
I just now read what you have of this story so far (through chapter 6). Nice twist to bring Joyce back; I'll be curious to learn how and why she's back, and to see where the Buffy/Spike interaction leads to. Keep it up!
21  La Gitane posted on Jun 13, 2003
I so can't wait to read more from your story! Which means... you need to update it very, very soon. The idea is really good and the writing is great. I so like the way Joyce mischievously like to make poor Spike feel totally uneasy...
20  Connie posted on May 19, 2003
Great story please update or a even better idea would be to finish.
thanks for a real good read.
19  mushmouse posted on Apr 17, 2003
This is very intriguing and a pretty neat premise. It was great to see Giles remembering his Band Candy experience with Joyce, to be reminded that she wasn''t just Buffy''s mother. And I love the Spike/Joyce interaction. Ahh, and the Fyarl snot on Buffy''s foot -- brilliant! More please!
18  spudvalley posted on Apr 9, 2003
I love the return of Joyce. I am looking forward to more great writing as soon as possible, even if "Wolf" suffers! This is a well-written story and moves along at a nice pace. More, please!
17  Cecilia posted on Apr 7, 2003
If you don't continue this story in the very near future, I just might have to throw myself out a window. It rules that much. I haven't enjoyed a fic this much in a little while, I'd forgotten how good fanfic could be. Please please please, post more soon. And if you could possibly email me a notice when you do, that'd be fantastic. Thanks so much.
16  Susan Getgood posted on Apr 7, 2003
Great story, I look forward to every chapter (of this and all your stories). Makes up for some of the more depressing elements of the show right now.
15  darkravine posted on Apr 5, 2003 |
Another lovely chapter, Kimi. Just realized I haven't reviewed as of yet. Bad me!

Love your style, characterizations, and Joyce! The concept is completely original, and damn funny to watch as it plays out. Love how Joyce manages to make Buffy and Spike uncomfortable, and cheered when she snapped at Giles for leaving Buffy when she needed him most.

And the mucous (sp?). LMAO. Nuff said.

Are you sensing the general love theme here? Cause I'm not sure if I made it clear. ;) Love this. Write more.
14  HLynn posted on Apr 4, 2003 |
Love, love, love this story. The twist of Joyce appearing in Season 7 is a welcome change from the other fics out there. You've captured all of the characters perfectly. I'm eagerly waiting for more. :)
13  Kori posted on Apr 4, 2003
I'm really enjoying this story, but what I liked best was Joyce giving Rupert what for. I'd love to see him get called on his behavior of the past two years a little more.
12  Periwinkle posted on Mar 30, 2003
I really love this story! Please update soon! :)
11  Nos posted on Mar 29, 2003 |
I am really enjoying this. Please continue soon.
10  leah posted on Mar 15, 2003
this is a really good story!!! i can't wait for the next chapter...write fast!
9  Krystle posted on Mar 14, 2003
Awesome story!! I miss seeing Joyce on the show soooo much and this story made me teary and everything, can't wait to read more :) Can't wait for Gile's reaction!!
8  shpadoinkle posted on Mar 14, 2003 | none
Great story!! You've really got the characteristics down. I totally loved it. Please write more soon! :D :D :D
7  Brandi posted on Mar 14, 2003
This is without a doubt the most original and interesting S7 story out there. I think you've got a realy handle on Joyce.
6  Clara posted on Mar 14, 2003
This story is absolutely brilliant! Didn't realize how much I miss Joyce being around sometimes. Andrew in Ch.3 had me laughing hysterically, he was perfectly written.
5  tiashome posted on Mar 14, 2003
I'm really enjoying this story -- such wonderful reactions from everyone to Joyce's return. Can't wait to see what Giles will do or say next :-)
4  hesadevil posted on Mar 12, 2003
Oh so THIS is what's been holding up Wolf? Couldn't have been for a better cause. I'm dying to know how and why Joyce is back. You know that your characterisation is spot on don't you?
3  Tgray posted on Mar 12, 2003
Wonderful story! Nice twist. Definetly a new idea in a mix of season 7 fics.... Can't wait for more!
2  Ms Mephisto posted on Mar 10, 2003 |
LoL .. Gotta love that dialogue :-D

It's a very new turn on the whole apocalyptic situation to throw in a fomer dead mom into the game. But so far so very good *grin*
1  Kamla posted on Mar 9, 2003
i love it, i love it, I LOVE IT!! oh my goodness. i love all of her stories. and i can not wait to see where this one goes. i really miss joyce. she (and tara) were the only ones that i felt liked spike.

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