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12  LVB posted on Apr 1, 2012
That was absolutely fantastic! It was sweet and awkward in all the right places.
11  remuslives posted on Mar 14, 2012
omg, that was fantastic! so many laughs and so sweet.
10  Annie posted on Jul 14, 2005
What a sweet little story. Funny, too.

And I just *knew* there had to be a reason I didn't like almonds!
9  Athene posted on Nov 2, 2003
It was so sweet, I loved this story. And it was great seeing the boys squirm.
8  Ray Harley posted on Oct 4, 2003
Absoultely adorable, especially the interaction between the boys and their all-too-true ickiness! Willow's reaction at the end was all too believable too. Really sweet.
And a subject not broached too often in fanfic, especially when you consider the woman-power bias of BtVS - I wonder why?
7  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 23, 2003
I pimped & raved about this story in my journal a while back but I'm not sure if you saw it so I figured I better leave some much deserved feedback here.

This is one of my all time favorite Spike & Dawn friendship fics (besides your other one, "Shadow Comfort"). I love the easiness and natural way you've painted their relationship. The way Spike talks to her and the comforting friendship way he has of touching her that comes like second nature.

I like how Xander is jealous of this, but doesn't let that stop him from also being there for Dawn. And how he comes through for her at the end with what she needs.

And I *really* wish I could've had Xander and Spike around when I first got my period!
6  whipper posted on Sep 10, 2003
i'm so gonna make my boyfriend read this story :) if he was just half as understanding as spike... *sigh* gonna check out the rest of your stories now.
5  Mona posted on Aug 14, 2003
Girl, I'm in awe-- what a lovely, touching story. Great Xander, a heartbreaking, heartbroken Spike, and Dawn at her worst...understandably so. & :-)
4  Gina posted on Jul 18, 2003
Aw, that was sweet and funny! I really liked it.
3  Trina posted on Apr 10, 2003
Origianlly story. Some great Dawn/Spike/Xander bonding. Our little Dawn has finally become a woman.
2  Melissa posted on Mar 27, 2003
Wow, this was actualy kinda cute. And I don't think I'll be eating any almonds any time soon. I loved this story tho, and the end is sweet
1  laura posted on Mar 11, 2003
Never never going to eat an "almond" again - don't ask - just read - preferably not in work - so they can't ask you what you are smirking at...

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