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13  lani posted on Apr 25, 2012
Loved it, funny & hot and a bit poignant. I'm only a little bit of a math geek, so I'm also not getting the equation... but I like the idea of it.
12  pegasaurus posted on May 10, 2010
Awesome. You have a fun writing style. Very original and clever
11  Erica posted on Sep 8, 2009
This was so so good. I always thought the ho-biscuit was kinda lame, but you gave her a name and some intellegence and a personality, and i actually kinda liked her. Great job with this one, it was so good
10  mekka posted on Jan 30, 2008
this was completely awesome.
9  Caroline posted on Mar 9, 2006
This is great. No wait, what I mean is; THIS STORY RULES! I love it. She's babling almost all the time, somethings I just don't get but I like it. I love Kirsten. Write more about her. Forget Spike I wanna know what happened to her. I would love a fairytale-ending with Spike rushing of to get Kirsten back but that is so not necessary. I love this story.
I totally get her thoughts about Spike, mr Hottie nr 1.

I'm gonna read more of your stuff right know.
8  Guest posted on Dec 28, 2005
Fantastic writing; one of the few I've read here that makes me really really annoyed when it's over and I can't find more. Hell, post "Bit Parts" you wouldn't ever need to include the original 'buffycast' again and I have the feeling no one would mind as long as the story continued. Incidently, very nice use of internal monologue; so often writers misuse them and turn them into clumsy exposition. Anyway, I see I'm a little late coming to this story so I don't know if you'll see this, but I'm impressed. Keep writing.
7  SÚverine posted on Oct 18, 2005
That was awesome! And the more I read Spike/others stories, the more I like them. It changes and it's refreshing.
6  Shadowscast posted on May 31, 2004
So the goth chick Spike dragged to the non-wedding was also an Initiative scientist was also a member of Joyce's book club. It all makes perfect sense. I love it!

Seriously, you made Kirsten into a totally plausible and likeable character - it was masterful. When she first noticed that Spike was a vampire, at the bar, I was worried about the hanging-together-ness of the tale (because even in Sunnydale, most ordinary people have been shown to a) not believe in vampires and b) freak out when they definitely meet one). But then it turned out she used to work for the Initiative, so of *course* she'd be a bit worldly about vampires.

I'm also totally impressed that this story hangs together with canon so perfectly; I can't think of anything from any episode which would say this couldn't have happened.

I feel like I'm missing the Bayes' law joke, though. What events do E and T stand for? I get that you wanted it to read "pet," in part, when she posted it on the door, but since the whole story is so brilliant I'm trusting that Kirsten actually meant the thing to have real significance to Spike, though she also would have known he'd never figure it out. So what do conditional probabilities have to do with Spike?
5  Anna posted on Jun 6, 2003
This fic is great! ::happy sigh::
4  ozfan posted on Jun 5, 2003
Why have I not read this before!!!??? This is excellent. I've only read the first part and I'm already in love with your story and want to have its babies.
3  Zyrya posted on Apr 11, 2003
2  HurrySundown posted on Mar 19, 2003
Congratulations, you've written one of the few OCs in the history of fanfic that (a) doesn't make the reader want to hurl (nausea, thy name is Mary Sue), (b) is likeable and sympathetic, notwithstanding that she's boffing the protagonist, and (c) ... um, wait, the boffing thing made me lose my train of thought. Hmmn. I'm pretty sure (c) was something like, "populates one of the best Spike fics ever." Seriously, I love this story. I read it a while back at another site and I thought Chapter 1 was flat-out brilliant as a stand-alone. Still think that, but also much-enamored of the finished product. Seriously math-impaired though, so I think I must be missing something with regard to the equation.
1  Rebecca posted on Mar 6, 2003
great story

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