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7  Demeter posted on Oct 19, 2003
I don't really have much to add to what's been written already...just want to second that how you wrote Spike's reaction rang pretty true. And, yeah, I feel for him...
Well done!
6  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Very nice missing scene type fic! Because I can definitely see this as having happened. I like Spike's concern about Xander & Anya's relationship and then him trying to hide that he cared. Lovely, sad last line too.
5  dr dawn posted on Mar 12, 2003
Hey Kimi. Nice. The story captures the mood and feelings post Storyteller. Very believable conversation. (Now if only Spike had invited Xander back down to the basement with him--hee hee hee).
4  OneTwoMany posted on Feb 27, 2003 |
I totally loved this. Great characterisation of both boys and an appropriately snarky-yet-sad reaction from Spike. The perfect follow up to Storyteller.
3  Jane Davitt posted on Feb 26, 2003 |
This was great. Loved the mixture of snark and sympathy from Spike, Xander's slow realisation of just where Spike was going with the questions. I like fics when Xander and Spike bond.
2  scarlett-girl posted on Feb 26, 2003
Wow Kimi! You are lightening fast. I popped on to see if "What She Didn't Say" had another chapter (not so subtle hint) and already a post "Storyteller" fic - great job! For the many of us who thought Spike would be majorly wigged by Xanya on his bed - thank you!
1  Resa posted on Feb 26, 2003
As always, Kimi... great job! Loved it!!

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