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24  kamla posted on May 17, 2006
I love your stories. This is quality stuff. I really wish you were still out there adding to my library.... maybe the fanfic gods will hear my prayer.
23  Ash posted on Jun 8, 2005 |
Aww, so sweet!!
22  :D posted on Dec 28, 2003
It was such a sweet story :)
21  calla posted on Jun 9, 2003
Gah. That's all I have. Gah.
20  Marianne posted on Apr 26, 2003
Oh, I loved this one - as you say, it should have happened in the episode.
19  cousinjean posted on Feb 26, 2003
Oh, that was lovely. The Spuffy was wonderful, but I also loved the reactions of the Scooobs. I hope there's more.
18  Clara posted on Feb 21, 2003
I really couldn't think of a better way to follow up that episode. This was absolutely gorgeous, very true to the characters and the whole show.
17  Cindi posted on Feb 21, 2003
Excellent -- tastefully done. I loved this fic, Kimi. Thank you.
16  lisa posted on Feb 20, 2003
gotgeous, gorgeous
such hot, realistic sex!
loved it
15  darkwoods posted on Feb 20, 2003
This is just dead on, right on. Boy do you know these characters, even Kennedy. Love it...can't wait for more. One terrific Fic in the making!
14  Resa posted on Feb 20, 2003
I can't believe you left us hanging!! Can't wait for the next part.
13  Viola posted on Feb 20, 2003
This was absolutely perfect. I can't wait for the next one (and one after that???)
12  Sandra posted on Feb 20, 2003
Can't wait for chapter two. You sould send this to ME, so they can see what the audience is waiting for.
11  Kelsey posted on Feb 20, 2003 |
I hardly ever post reviews, but this story definitely deserved one! I loved it! It addressed all the issues that left us hanging in GID. and the love confession, that never gets old! Now I've just got to wait for the next chap.!
10  Mia posted on Feb 20, 2003
That was great..Loved every minute of it. Have read it several times and rec'd it to many. This is the scene I would love to see. They haven't had a good confrontation since the abandoned building. Spike got his rocks back and forced Buffy's hand. The Scoobies' reactions were perfect. Resigned and willing to stay the heck out of it. Loved Dawn. Loved Xander. Hurry please. This was so good, and much needed.
9  learyl posted on Feb 20, 2003
damn, you're good.
the characterizations are so dead on that i can so see this happening on the show.
i'd love to see the spuffy aftermath of that confession :-)
8  Foggi posted on Feb 20, 2003 |
This was just great! I love all your stories...and this is no execption at all! All of that should have been in the show. Really. You write the characters so well, it's lovely.
7  Helen posted on Feb 20, 2003
Whoo-hoo! Rocks back, indeed, per Omm. And high time. WHEN is Mutant Enemy going to get it together and ... well, get these two together? It's driving me nuts, and ME seems to be trying to drag it out till they'll have abt one episode to resolve 6 years' worth of stuff. Grr! Arrggh! Thank you, Kimi! Bring it on, as Willow said.
6  tracy posted on Feb 20, 2003
This story is absolutely perfect. It's the scene that should definetley be in the show, but you know we won't get. Buffy really needed to be called on all the personal info she gave to jerky Wood. I also love Spikes attitude in this
5  Queen Akasha posted on Feb 20, 2003
Kimi - enjoy all your work - really like this new one. Can't wait for part two!!!

4  Omm posted on Feb 20, 2003
Fantastic chapter and it's so nice to have RocksBack!Spike calling the shots here and not backing down. Now where's the next chapter?? PS can you kill off Kennedy already??
3  WilliamsLove posted on Feb 20, 2003
hurry up with the sequal!!!!!!!! that was awesome
2  Julie posted on Feb 20, 2003
Great job, Kimi! This plays so true to the characters - I can hear each of them saying your dialogue, and Buffy telling Spike she loves him in this way is exactly how I can see it happening. Thanks for writing this - it relieves a lot of the anger I had towards Buffy after the other night's episode. Can't wait to read more.
1  lisa posted on Feb 20, 2003
great ensemble writing, and one of the best buffy characterizations i've read! great read on their body language.

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