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13  miss murchison posted on Mar 4, 2006
I saw this on the main page and realized I'd never read it. This is lovely hurt/comfort, and thank you so much for writing it.
12  Yhapster posted on Apr 15, 2004
Kimi, you said it wouldn't take long!!! C'mon!!
11  spudvalley posted on Apr 9, 2003
Oh dear, just when I thought it was going to continue, it ended! What a lovely, gentle, tender story this is. I wish the show had included a scene like this!
10  M Jay posted on Feb 28, 2003
this is totally one of my favorite stories. I've read it like at least 3 times. I just really like that Buffy cares for Spike and that they help each other. Great story
9  val squared posted on Jan 17, 2003
Very nice. Shows a gentle, understanding side of Buffy towards Spike that we don't see much of if any at all.
8  Kimi posted on Jan 4, 2003
Oddly enough, it started banging on my head last night. But it's the strangest one I've ever done. Hope you enjoy it. The way it's flowing it won't take long.

7  bailunrui posted on Jan 4, 2003 |
I love this story. Could you possibly continue it? It definitely deserves a sequel.
6  kari2001 posted on Jan 3, 2003
I Love this story. I love season seven so far and i really haven't been able to find any fics that kind of tie into the storyline so far. This was just what i was looking for. Are you going to continue it? I think you should but i also want to to continue wolf too.
5  Teresa posted on Jan 3, 2003
Absolutely wonderful! Drew me in and wouldn't let me go. Very believable!

4  foggi posted on Jan 3, 2003 |
This was just so great...if only we go to see these scenes instead of the "drownings" right? :) Write more!
3  Lynn posted on Jan 3, 2003
I simply loved this, Kimi. You manage to capture their voices and reactions perfectly, and the situation is so totally plausible that I thought I was watching an actual episode. Wish you were one of the writers - I think you and Jane E. would get along very well :)

2  Julie posted on Jan 3, 2003
Nice job, Kimi! I can hear Buffy and Spike talking like that to each other, after "Bring on the Night". Very good characterizations of them. Hope you get struck again by another muse in this storyline. Looking forward to seeing even more from you.
1  samson posted on Jan 3, 2003
oh it had to end, really got into it and wanted it to keep going!

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