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32  Miranda posted on Mar 31, 2013
This is really good. I hope you finish it
31  helen posted on Nov 17, 2007
more please it was an excvelent story and cant wait for the rest
30  josie posted on May 3, 2005
i love this sorry,very imaginative , great character progression,especially spike,please finish it soon.
29  Dolores posted on Dec 23, 2004
I have checked your site (which is very cool) and BSDiaries often to see if you will finish this epic. It is a good story and deserves an ending. I do hope you are in good health and are able to finish. Thank you for sharing your work with us.
28  Niamh posted on Sep 6, 2004
I keep checking and looking and wondering if you are ever going to finish this -- I do hope so, because this is a captivating and realistic -- enough so that it is one path that the show could have followed. So please, please finish this - I mean c'mon, you haven't even thrown Angel in as a spanner in the works yet.
27  Angellian posted on May 23, 2004
I've read a TON of fan fiction, and this series is perhaps the most creative, believable, well-written, exciting, and heartwrenching I've seen. (Riley's cruelty to Drusilla, and Gabriel's use of the railroad spike, were especially horrifying.) Please, please tell me there is more to come! Soon!
26  rina posted on Apr 1, 2004
sigh...I've been waiting for a continuation too, your story is it one sitting months ago and check in every week for an update good, please continue!
25  Niamh posted on Mar 30, 2004
Oh.. c'mon.. you just have to finish this one.. you can't leave it here *insert soft whine*. This is really good.... nicely paced and working well. Please finish.
24  Tina posted on Dec 6, 2003
heyy that was a greatt story!!!! plz write more!!!! soon!!!!!
23  Spikegurl101 posted on Nov 23, 2003
Hey kimi that was a great chapter!!! I cant wait till chapter 13. keep it up! Hope ur writing right now...
22  Tori posted on Nov 23, 2003
Hey that was great!! but i really really really wanna read the rest so hurry up already! please? lol Write Write Write!!!
21  Pam posted on Aug 26, 2003
I just discovered this series of stories and can't wait for the next! Characterization, plot, suspense - this work has it all. Write more, write more!
20  Lynn posted on Jun 15, 2003
I anxiously await every chapter, Kimi, sorry to be lax in reviewing. This is just a terrifc story, from the very first on onward, and it gets better and better. Keep up the great work!
19  lauren posted on May 21, 2003
I love this story. I think it is very well done, i don't think you got 'jossed' at all! This storyline is interesting and creative and totally enjoyable. Stick with it, i love dawn/daniel, and the way you've had spike grow. Keep it up, i can't wait for more chapters.
18  tricia posted on May 21, 2003
This is a most excellent story! I came across this story two days ago, and read it straight through every spare moment I had. Extremely well written, with character growth, new characters that are VERY three dimensional. I can't wait to see what happens, really I can't wait!
17  Babbin posted on May 19, 2003
It's been a long wait for chapter 10. Please don't make us wait so long for the next one.
16  spudvalley posted on Apr 16, 2003
I just stumbled on this series of stories and read them straight through, except for feeding the kids and sending them off to school. WOW! This is excellent writing, fantastic characterization, and believable plotting. I am anxiously waiting for the next chapters!
15  francesca posted on Apr 5, 2003
This story is great, you're a terrific writer, can't wait for the next chapter!!!! Ciao from Italy!!!!
14  SpikeMe posted on Mar 3, 2003
Just an awesome story!! I can't wait for chapter 9. You should sell the story as a novel, great characterisation and writing. Keep it up.
13  Elke posted on Feb 9, 2003
Hi, Kimi
I`m sooooo happy that you updated this story! But you left us with a real cliffhanger and I hope you will continue soon. And I hope for more Daniel/Dawn interaction.
12  flower posted on Jan 24, 2003
i love it. can`t say more about it.
11  Bear posted on Jan 8, 2003
wow. I mean, wow. This is a great story Kimi, please keep it up!
10  Elke posted on Dec 25, 2002
I just love this story and canīt wait to read more. It`s so well written and totally amazing. I hope you will continue soon!!!!!!
9  cate posted on Dec 16, 2002
This is so terrific. I love the way you have been able to get the Spike character down yet have him 'evolve.' Also what a fabulous mystery/murder/suspense tale. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!
8  Spyke posted on Dec 14, 2002
Downloaded to my pda your sheperd stories to read on my business trip, read them and wanted more. lol. When I returned, guess what I found, ROFL, a WOLF waiting at my door. Thanks for the great story. WRITE ON!!!!
7  twistedspike posted on Dec 8, 2002
What a chapter.... that last part had me on the edge of my seat screaming for it not to be Buffy.
This is an excellent story the whole series is totally amazing. I just love the concept of it and can't wait for ch6.
6  Lady Anne posted on Dec 8, 2002
So excited to see a new chapter of Wolf. I have loved every step of this series. Your conception of Spike, still with the snark, but redeemed and with a purpose in life that he works so hard to fulfill is utterly fabulous. I eagerly await Chapter 6.
5  darkravine posted on Dec 7, 2002 |
This fic has thoroughly sucked me in. Love everything about it. Probably has to be my favorite of the series so far.

Best line has to go to Xander with the Bob the Builder reference. lol. :)

Very intense last scene. Update soon!
4  Laura posted on Nov 29, 2002 |
The "Wolf" pages look fine here. I uploaded them again just to be sure. Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the pages.
3  evil squirrel posted on Nov 29, 2002
Aargh! Help! I'm getting alphabet soup instead of 'Wolf'. Is it just my browser or a site whatsit?

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