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11  Lani posted on May 2, 2012
Great story; funny & engaging. As someone else said, "delicious!" Characterization was spot on, dialogue great. Since one reviewer pointed out a your/you're issue, I'll point out you had at least one its/it's issue (could be a typo, though; I do it myself sometimes... its always means "belonging to it" and it's always means "it is." Loved the story... Spike is so sweet and yet so bad/rude; and Buffy can be quite the bitca, can't she? As I said, the characterization is spot on! Well done!
10  camkin posted on May 18, 2007
Wonderful story! Riley vomiting in the face of his commanding officer...interesting but definitely amusing.
9  amane efyra posted on Jul 3, 2006
oh and the way everyone important stoped at that moment...that was just perfect thats the stuff the other fics miss and of course the witty dialogue not just sex talk
8  amane efyra posted on Jul 3, 2006
i have been reading fan fic for about a week now practically 24/7 and this is the first story i really,really like its almost as if it was really spike and buffy...the dialogue the sarcasm the hot sex and the poetic side make it the best...please make more of these i cant wait begging....big thumbs up...
7  jackson posted on Jan 20, 2006
great story....cant wait for more!
6  Anne Hedonia posted on Oct 16, 2005 |
Ah. Delicious. Utterly and totally so. I loved the meaning you gave to their bonding. ::big fat happy sigh::
5  Anne Hedonia posted on Oct 16, 2005 |
Ah. Delicious. Utterly and totally so. I loved the meaning you gave to their bonding. ::big fat happy sigh::
4  Erica posted on Feb 5, 2004
OMG, that was AMAZING...I've never read a fic where you made their joining so meaningful and..whoa. I loved the Western motif and the Miss Buffy/Will Blood, storyline. This HAS to be one of the most amazing stories I've ever read...I loved it. LOVED IT. And I'll be sure to read more of your stories. God, that was amazing....
3  Cindi posted on Dec 9, 2003
Loved this story! I would love to see a sequel!
2  Supergirl posted on Mar 16, 2003 |

ok, i lied, i guess i *am* reading it now. good fic is just so addictive, u know? & u write great, so it's very hard 2 put this down (so 2 speak)

anyway, great chapter. spike is so sexy... the whole "want me 2 make u tremble?" thing... mmmmmm. totally made me melt. & i really like how u have buffy subtly starting 2 feel her attraction 2 him without making her all over-heels in love, in a very unrealistic way, like some stories. what u have her feeling for spike here is very believable, & i think it's quite true 2 character, 4 the timeframe this is set in

oh, &, this kinda sleepy, smoky feel the whole story has... i really like that too

great work. off 2 ge read some more now
1  Supergirl posted on Mar 16, 2003 |

very nice start. looks like this could b quite a good story. i also enjoyed the visual of all the scoobies dressed up... & western spike is very sexy. & i love when he's all noble like that, despite claiming that he's evil & doesn't care about buffy & her friends

the only thing i'd criticize is 1 typo i noticed, where u wrote "you're" instead of "your" in "You're concern is right touchin', pet". but everything is nearly perfect

anyway, i'm not gonna read it all now, but i'm bookmarking this story & i promise 2 read & review the rest of it later

by the way, if u'd like 2 check out some of my fic (at the above link), i'd very much appreciate it

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