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11  IT posted on Sep 15, 2012
I'm not sure when you wrote Battle Stations, or even if you're still checking reviews. Thought I'd drop a line anyway to tell you I really enjoyed this fic. Thanks for sharing. :)
10  Courtney posted on Dec 7, 2009
I thought it was really good. I liked that it had all of the good sexy Buffy Spike stuff, but you also had a bad guy for them to pummel :)
9  Felicia posted on Feb 15, 2006
Lovvvveeedddd It!
So awsome, inspireing and ummmm
fustrating :P
8  Ayrin posted on Oct 18, 2005
Like parts of the story though, some actually got me a bit wet ;-)
7  Ayrin posted on Oct 18, 2005
"It wouldn't be so dark if you'd turn on your eyes--make with the yellow sparklies."

He laughed under his breath, and complied. Instantly, the alcove was dimly illuminated by a golden glow.

What happened there? lol! Ok, vampires are supernatural creatures and all, but I didn't know their eyes actually *shone*. As opposed to just reflecting light that is already there, you know...
6  Tasha posted on Jun 22, 2005
Fantastic. I loved it, it was an awesome story. Very funny & sexy & well did I mention the awesome part? I did? Silly me. lol!! :)
5  Danna posted on Jun 18, 2005
I loved it! Sexy and funny and very well written.
4  laeryna posted on Aug 9, 2003
Very intense, interesting and well written story. You really captured the sexual tension and attraction between Spike and Buffy. Funny too.
3  sunnyD posted on Jul 4, 2003
Very nice, I'm still blushing, you've captured the on-going teetering of power between equals that makes excellent Spuffy Thank you!
2  Nora posted on Dec 3, 2002
Very hot!

I enjoyed your story a lot. I'm surprised there aren't more reviews. But I'll be on the lookout for other things you've written...
1  dutchbuffy2305 posted on Oct 13, 2002
Favorite frase: '..the polite penis that Riley sported.." LOL! Very nice, very hot.

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