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10  Cheri posted on Oct 5, 2012
Loved all the stories. :)
9  meg posted on Jun 30, 2009
that was amazing!! so sexy and sweet, please please write more xx
8  Sarah May posted on Apr 27, 2009
More, please, more!!!
7  Maggie posted on Jul 15, 2006
I just finished three of your stories. I love 'em. You did a great job of making the pairing seem so easy and natural. Thanks!
6  Marilyn posted on Mar 21, 2006
I loved your Spike and Tara, read very easily and naturally! It was a nice surprise to find these fics cos I thought I'd read all the good ones already....but I was lucky to find yours!
5  caz posted on Jan 27, 2005
I've always loved the spike/tara pairup, and this series by far is my favorite... I hope to read more of this from you... this little story makes a nice chapter one, you know... :)
4  Mhariayn posted on Aug 21, 2004
Read each sequel and enjoyed each one. Tara and Spike a couple weel maybe this is the way it should have been two beautiful charactors together in fanfic anyway. Now I want MORE sequels PLEASE ASAP

3  Lena posted on Jul 23, 2004
Great little fic. I love this storyline you have created. I know you would find many adoring fans if you continued, but it's also just fine the way it is. Thank you for writing
2  Miss Murchison posted on Jun 28, 2004
"And you're magnificent."

Indeed. A wonderful sequel to two of my favorite fics, with Tara showing her strength but still staying the witch we love. Thank you.
1  Ditto posted on Jun 28, 2004
Excellent sequel. Like your name too, c'est drole. Dxxoo

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